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Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Path to Peace

During his Friday night sermon, Josef reported a story he read in the press.  A construction worker had fallen down from a roof.  He had survived somehow, but a large nail had pierced his boot from end to end and his pain was unbearable.  He was rushed to the hospital and given pain killers but nothing helped.  The doctors delicately cut his boot off.  To their amazement, the nail had passed between his toes and absolutely no damage was done. It has now been proven that imagination can not be cured by the strongest pain killers, only by truth.

Most people would say: if imagination is so strong that it can cause this trauma, imagination can be used to prevent it.  In other words, be a good soldier learn to die like a man, learn how to bite a bullet.

I want a better outcome.  Now that we have a good hypothesis.  Let's see if this is a fluke or if this repeats itself.  Let's see if great men have made this same observation.  Let's see if practical use can be made of this lesson.  Let s see if it can bring Peace.

Is it a fluke? Ever seen a cry baby? Ok, lesson #1 we know about fake problems and the imaginary world of propaganda.
Lies can be used for all kinds of snake oil sales. Nothing new here, this is an ad nauseum repeat.

In an earlier lesson I proved that the three cardinal lusts have been annihilated from Jews, while gluttony has even been eradicated from all humans.  The three miraculous fast days of Shushan and Ninve eradicated gluttony and gave the world the Sabbatical meal, equivalent to six days of fasting (Jews eat this meal on Saturday). 

The lust for sex and money are not beneficial for priests, but for populating and developing the planet they are useful.  Three days of obscurity of miraculously not stealing Egyptian wealth is proof that the Hebrew tribes had this lust removed from them. Three days of not touching the opposite sex at Mt Sinai are proof that this lust was also permanently taken away from the early Hebrews.

The great Rabbi Nachman repeats on several occasions that the new enemy is not the evil inclination, it is imagination.  Not just taking his word for it, the biblical stories validate that statements.

Of what practical use is this knowledge?

Notice that the lusts are eliminated outside of Israel?  This is no coincidence... Apparently lusts can be vanquished outside of Israel through divine intervention.  The cure to imagination is ONLY truth.   Truth is not available outside Israel since "truth from the land will flourish" and what land can give reality more than Is-real?  For a Jew (the tribe of Josef) to become a holy priest, he must live in the land.  A non-Jew can also come to the land to find the truth he needs to complete his mission.
This is being written from Blossoms or Buds of the Gush Etzion.

When we Jews who are currently all from the same tribe of Josef come back to the holy land in search of Gd, this land will become a Temple and the other tribes will become lands like current day Israel, where truth can flourish.  Jews who are a priestly nation need to serve the other nations of Israel, but they can not do this until they realize themselves that they are the tribe of Josef under the second son of Rachel....Rabbi Nachman.


Unknown said...

This article helped me alot, thank you.

Yaacov Na Nach said...

Thanks!! Na Nach

Yaacov Na Nach said...

On the meaning surrounding the word "imagination" I would like the author to explain whether one or both of the below alternatives are valid:

1 - imagination would be the fact that people place responsibility for the occurrences of life in the direction of causality, luck, nature, genetics, material conditions of birth, etc. The author was proposing that the correct thing would be to recognize that the truth (eliminates doubts arising from the imagination) is that Who does everything is Hashem?

2 - Is imagination the fact that people are trying various ways to solve their spiritual inquiries by old-fashioned methods, and today can everything be explained by the teachings of R 'Nachman leading us to the true source of all the facts of life?

Yaacov Na Nach said...
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Yaacov Na Nach said...

I have received a reply from Nissim about this question of mine, and reproduce your answer as below:

For maybe will reply but meanwhile the Hebrew word is
DIMYONOT דמיונות
which are delusions.
For example, a person thinks he cannot change a certain bad habit, or cannot accomplish some good thing, or he sees some thing or some girl he desires but which is not compatible or good for him.