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Friday, December 14, 2018

I am of uncircumbcised lips....

I am of uncircumbcised lips, take someone else...
The fact that Moses said this is the proof that he is qualified.
Why would anyone equate circumbcision with lips and why would a father put his lips on a new circumbcision? It really needs to be the father.
The word for word in Hebrew is "Mila" in Hebrew, this word also means circumbcision. "The Creation" is the result of words of Gd, so this is THE foundation..without words, no creation. Remember that there is a saint, foundation of the world, forgetting this makes all wisdom pure vanity or "air" as King Solomon would say in Kohelet.
Moses knew that the entire world rested on truth and keeping ones promises and it weighed heavily on him that this was not being done by his brothers, he knew it would be impossible to keep the oath to Josef. In fact Gd will send someone else just like he said...
Ahron in Hebrew means closet or when his brother "coffin" came it was a form of encouragement for Moses. I had to be an emotional moment for someone forced to hide his identity and live a lie. He could be with his real brother someone eloquent who had never had to hide who he really was.
Mitzraim is the Hebrew word for Egypt it also means "dire straits" or "tightened throat". The Kerch Straits and the Bosporus are like this... Rabbi Nachman needs to be brought through there.
No Saint or Sage could show his face if it were not by the merit of the simple honest merchants who live by their word.

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