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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Why did Jacob consider the small vessels more important than even Rachel and Josef?
We know that in his confrontation with Esav a very materialistic man, Josef had set up plans of escape. There was no knowing what Esav would do.
The most important thing in the eyes of Jacob seems to have been protecting the "small vessels" there was even a fight with the angel of Esav over this. Why were these so important?
We all know Jacob was no idolator.. Although he had earned very little personally over the 20 years he had worked for his uncle, he had saved a "tith" which he intended to bring to Israel.
This tith was nothing materialistic, it was the fulfillment of his oath to Gd.  This was the ultimate test of Jacob. There was no way he would not make good on his word.

This is what characterises Jacob the most. Indeed he passes on the lesson to Josef when he makes him swear to bury his bones in Israel.  This oath has become Pakod Pakodeti and when it is fulfilled the world will become three groups. The House of Josef, the house of Israel and the house of Esav. Materialism will vanish like shaff.

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