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Friday, November 16, 2018

As truth becomes more scarce it becomes more precious.

When something becomes scarce the value goes up. Each person is so unique that Rabbi Nachman says the whole world was only created for him/her (he + she?). Of course the uniqueness is scarce, the divine and infinite point.  Unfortunately most people never find it in themselves. 

On yet a higher dimension, there is something I term "common truth". This is even harder to find than individual truth. Gd cursed the earth which caused lazy men to enslave others. The flood reached everywhere except Jerusalem where freedom and the fear of Gd were still in fashion. The purification didn t last past the curse of Noach which rapidly threw mankind into the hands of killers, rapists and even warwolves.
The eyes only see lies. World of foolishness and no firm ground to stand on. Because Gd is merciful, you need to understand that this situation can only be a mistake. We need to repair the curse of Noach...and since without truth freedom can not exist, only real search for truth can reverse the curse.
One who is seeking the truth is no longer a slave.  Slaves are absolutely worthless today.. Free men are so scarce that they have no price.
Like Rabbi Nachman said... Each man needs to understand the whole world was only created for him. Do really search the truth...if you aren t doing so you are no better than a zombie.

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