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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Why did Jacob consider the small vessels more important than even Rachel and Josef?
We know that in his confrontation with Esav a very materialistic man, Josef had set up plans of escape. There was no knowing what Esav would do.
The most important thing in the eyes of Jacob seems to have been protecting the "small vessels" there was even a fight with the angel of Esav over this. Why were these so important?
We all know Jacob was no idolator.. Although he had earned very little personally over the 20 years he had worked for his uncle, he had saved a "tith" which he intended to bring to Israel.
This tith was nothing materialistic, it was the fulfillment of his oath to Gd.  This was the ultimate test of Jacob. There was no way he would not make good on his word.

This is what characterises Jacob the most. Indeed he passes on the lesson to Josef when he makes him swear to bury his bones in Israel.  This oath has become Pakod Pakodeti and when it is fulfilled the world will become three groups. The House of Josef, the house of Israel and the house of Esav. Materialism will vanish like shaff.

What is happening at the un now?

What is really happening at the UN:
All current legal systems today are based on Roman law, you can call it the "law of the land" but it is not that, really it has become materialist to a degree that it is no longer even Noahid, it is pre-flood.
Once land belonged to the King. This was a rule established by Josef as a result of the 7 year famine in Egypt. What makes it "rain"?
The famine was preceded by wealth so humanity has learned to harvest storable goods and to squirl away for economic cycles. Thus the banking system and interest.  Land rights also became a commodity. Rights to be enforced require the legal use of force, because force by itself gives the right (according to the Nazis). The tith would go to the bank which would then redistribute according to its own private best interest.
What if the assumption that a famine is preceded by wealth is not a law of nature but rather a biblical event recorded as historical.  Gd is not Empirical. What makes it rain?
What is the Roman "law of the land"? It states that a writ enforced by the police makes real estate private property. Much like tribal hunting grounds for wolves.  The strongest tribe rules. So the police are the wolves and they divide up the area of influence where civilians are the prey.
According to Mosaic Law land rights were established when the tribes entered Israel and can never be altered or sold. This meant that there was no need for Police as it was the priests that determined these issues, fear of Gd was enough. Either its Gd or its the dog.
Noahides no longer eat flesh off living beings, but that changed back with the Roman wolf. He is not responsible according to the legend, the babies were saved by the milk of wolves. Thus the tribe of Benjamin the wolf-like tribe took over and brought humanity back to pre-flood violence.
The good news is that Mordecai and Esther were from this tribe and the switched into the father and mother of The Jews. Jews are the tribe of Josef the priest, we have been altered by three dark days in Egypt, three days of celibacy on Sinai and three days of fasting for Esther.
Also good to know that Achachverosh and Esther fathered all 127 nations of Israel.
Materialistic Esav, and Amalek will dissapear like chaff.  The UN will be United when the bring the bonesvof the second son of Rachel to the appropriate location.

Friday, November 16, 2018

As truth becomes more scarce it becomes more precious.

When something becomes scarce the value goes up. Each person is so unique that Rabbi Nachman says the whole world was only created for him/her (he + she?). Of course the uniqueness is scarce, the divine and infinite point.  Unfortunately most people never find it in themselves. 

On yet a higher dimension, there is something I term "common truth". This is even harder to find than individual truth. Gd cursed the earth which caused lazy men to enslave others. The flood reached everywhere except Jerusalem where freedom and the fear of Gd were still in fashion. The purification didn t last past the curse of Noach which rapidly threw mankind into the hands of killers, rapists and even warwolves.
The eyes only see lies. World of foolishness and no firm ground to stand on. Because Gd is merciful, you need to understand that this situation can only be a mistake. We need to repair the curse of Noach...and since without truth freedom can not exist, only real search for truth can reverse the curse.
One who is seeking the truth is no longer a slave.  Slaves are absolutely worthless today.. Free men are so scarce that they have no price.
Like Rabbi Nachman said... Each man needs to understand the whole world was only created for him. Do really search the truth...if you aren t doing so you are no better than a zombie.