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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

None of my wisdom stood up for me

None of  my wisdom stood up for me
That is Kohelet in one line. What does it really mean?  Easy... wisdome can make you stand instead of laying on the ground like a snake or crawling on all four.... supposedly.  In fact the Tzaddik Isod Ha Olam is the foundation and the earth and YOUR wisdome will in no way allow you to stand.  Only if you connect with the Tzaddik can you really stand because thanks to him you can stand.  I guess earthquakes are the solution for all the would be Korachs.


The villager said...

Religion has bridged cultural, ethnic, national and class differences very successfully. On the issue of Jerusalem President Trump has surpassed all the Saintly leaders and in my humble opinion, they will soon be compelled by the allmighty to follow the President of the United States even for his spiritual leadership. Blessings to the First Family and congratulations.  It doesn t matter so much where one begins his journey...much more relevant is where he is headed.

The villager said...

When Gd cursed the earth because of Cain, he became resonsible for the flood and the fact that every part of the planet except Israel and places that were under-water level were/are still cursed...look at where tzaddikkim are born and where the nation of Israel was born. Baptism and Mikve make more sense now.

The second big curse was Noah cursing Ham. Well that led to the tower of Babylon.  Noach can say that hebwas following in the footsteps of Gd...and thus, Ham who was supposed to become a slave became the big killer and chief authority.

Folks, next time you want to curse... Think again.  You might even undo the work of Gd and Noah by blessing the victims even posthumously.

nissim said...

Shalom, Villager!

4+6+50+30+4 = 94
TOTAL=430 gematria NeFeSh

Y"R There should be good life and peace to us and all Yisrael, and to our fellow man. NNH