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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Following in Gds footsteps was a mistake for Noah DO NOT CURSE

The generation of the flood was in front of Gd sinning and yet Noah is criticized for following Gd, while Abraham is praised for walking in front of Gd.

Gd did create the situation that lead to the flood, because when he cursed the earth because of Cain, he made the flood a necessity, to bring blessing back to the earth.  Adam could have blessed the fruit and avoided a lot of trouble?  Eve and the snake were not at fault for not making a blessing.

Gd could have blessed Able, he was even able to bring him back to life....

Noach follows in his footsteps and curses Ham instead of blessing Shem and Yafet., the blessings come only after the unnecessary and very useless curse that lead to the tower of Babel construction by the greatest hunter and dictator of all times.

Please Never curse always find where to make a blessing instead.

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