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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Following in Gds footsteps was a mistake for Noah DO NOT CURSE

The generation of the flood was in front of Gd sinning and yet Noah is criticized for following Gd, while Abraham is praised for walking in front of Gd.

Gd did create the situation that lead to the flood, because when he cursed the earth because of Cain, he made the flood a necessity, to bring blessing back to the earth.  Adam could have blessed the fruit and avoided a lot of trouble?  Eve and the snake were not at fault for not making a blessing.

Gd could have blessed Able, he was even able to bring him back to life....

Noach follows in his footsteps and curses Ham instead of blessing Shem and Yafet., the blessings come only after the unnecessary and very useless curse that lead to the tower of Babel construction by the greatest hunter and dictator of all times.

Please Never curse always find where to make a blessing instead.

Dear United States President, Mr. Trump,

Dear United States President,  Mr. Trump,

The single most popular move you have made  (judging by the applause) was moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem (which is extremely well run except on the 4th of July, when no Americans can be found).  Also, congratulations on your daughter in law, Lara Trump, she is a fantastic speaker for you.

If moving the Embassy was popular, bringing Rabbi Nachman's remains to Jerusalem will be much more appreciated even by Muslims and Greek Orthodox, the original Christian Church, located in a Muslim allied country of the United States.

Very unfortunately towards the end of your second year, I believe you have made the first real mistake of your administration in how you have handled the Khashoggi execution.  Before I detail why this was a mistake, the good news is that the harm can be undone.

A zealous Arabic Prince inheritor of the two Mosques wants to show the world that he is righteous and fights for justice by eliminating corruption.  Although he is a Royal, he befriends a Jewish relative of the greatest of Presidents.  Yet when he makes an act that very possibly was not executed exactly as he ordered, the President he trusted, does not have his back, publicly embarrassing the King.  Being a religious man, the Prince might now justify an opinion that he is closer to Gd then the President...this is not good for anyone.

Another would be ally, Mexico, needs to hear from you that if they open controlled live fire on migrants (which could be justified as it is on the Gaza border) the USA will not treat them like we treated Prince Mohammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia our 40 + year ally, working with us very effectively at the present time, to establish Peace in the Middle East.   Incidentally, the Saudis do not have an illegal immigration problem do they?

Like I stated earlier..first mistake, late in the term, but a BIG mistake, none the less.
The corrective measure is to work together with the Prince and with Turkey, Iran and Constantinople Patriarch to bring the remains of an international Jewish Saint to Jerusalem, the Capital of Monotheism and of the Jewish State.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

None of my wisdom stood up for me

None of  my wisdom stood up for me
That is Kohelet in one line. What does it really mean?  Easy... wisdome can make you stand instead of laying on the ground like a snake or crawling on all four.... supposedly.  In fact the Tzaddik Isod Ha Olam is the foundation and the earth and YOUR wisdome will in no way allow you to stand.  Only if you connect with the Tzaddik can you really stand because thanks to him you can stand.  I guess earthquakes are the solution for all the would be Korachs.