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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

ve ha machshala tachat yadecha

Rabbi Nachman has this strange quote "ve ha machshala tachat yadecha" and the weakness is beneath your hand.  We know Moses could not be taken to Israel because he had used his hand thereby disobeying Gd  by not speaking to the stone (do I hear "stony heart"?).

The first part of the "Petek" of Rabbi Nachman (as revealed on page 242 of the book called Na Nach (two types of Jews -last lines)),  is called "the letter".  This letter has exactly the shape of the hand with the middle finger and pinky exchanges because they are the longest and shortest lines / fingers and both start with very.  Each finger corresponds to a biblical character, but more importantly Rabbi Nachmans' message is written on the hand clearly to all of us.  Like in the story of the Master of Prayer  who includes a wise man with everything written on the hand of the King, but which he only keeps a copy of.  Saba did say a photocopy is exactly like the original!

Jumping to the bottom line ... if you take the Petek and it's letter seriously , YOU are under the hand of Gd and no matter how "weak" you are you are in fact infinitely powerful since the hand of Gd is above you.

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