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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What's in an eagle?

The Great Eagle:

Rabbi Odesser calls himself the great Eagle and Rabbi Nachman mentions this eagle in the story of the Blind Beggar.  He is always new and infinitely old and wise.  He is so wise that he remembers "nothing".  The Metropolitan and the President have in common that their symbol is the eagle.  In each room of the White House and on the "crown" of the Patriarch of Kiev (well not exactly it IS a cross that looks a bit different).

Could this mean that they too are students of Rav Israel...  I think so, let's see.

ve ha machshala tachat yadecha

Rabbi Nachman has this strange quote "ve ha machshala tachat yadecha" and the weakness is beneath your hand.  We know Moses could not be taken to Israel because he had used his hand thereby disobeying Gd  by not speaking to the stone (do I hear "stony heart"?).

The first part of the "Petek" of Rabbi Nachman (as revealed on page 242 of the book called Na Nach (two types of Jews -last lines)),  is called "the letter".  This letter has exactly the shape of the hand with the middle finger and pinky exchanges because they are the longest and shortest lines / fingers and both start with very.  Each finger corresponds to a biblical character, but more importantly Rabbi Nachmans' message is written on the hand clearly to all of us.  Like in the story of the Master of Prayer  who includes a wise man with everything written on the hand of the King, but which he only keeps a copy of.  Saba did say a photocopy is exactly like the original!

Jumping to the bottom line ... if you take the Petek and it's letter seriously , YOU are under the hand of Gd and no matter how "weak" you are you are in fact infinitely powerful since the hand of Gd is above you.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

I pledge allegiance to the flag...

Your Excellency, The President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump Sr.
You, as Christian, could become the next leader of the famous Jewish Hassidout called Breslev. This movement already fills half the Kotel (Western Wall) on Rosh Hashana, with your blessing, not only would this movement fill the whole area during Rosh Hashana, but the Jewish Nation as ONE including those living overseas, would give you their full support.
You will win without question the battle of Public Opinion, also internationally.
Some very HARD FACTS:
1) Josef was taken out of the pit on Rosh Hashana. Psalm 81.6 is explained in Masechet Rosh Hashana 10(b) on the last (bottom) line. (Notice triple undeniable connection to the pregnant woman from revelations).
2) Josef and Rabbi Nachman are Both born from the tears of Rachel and are born without ANY sexual lust.
3) He who connects to one that is pure is pure.  Keeping the oath to Jacob is what made the fallen Yehuda the first of all the modern world Dynasties.  Keeping the "Oath From Above" ordered by Gd through Josef is on a much much higher level then the promise of Yehuda to Jacob.
4) It was the Crown Prince Charles that claimed the title of "Defender if All Faiths". You Sir can simply become the "LEADER of all Faiths", with the Priestly Nation (Jewish), finally UNITED, giving you their undivided support....and more importantly...Gd himself putting the forces of nature under your jurisdiction for PROPER use (he will certainly advise you).
5) The self declared King, Na Nach - [Rabbi Nachman, was the second son of Rachel, named Na Nach he is the 12th Imam, the still unrevealed spiritual leader of the Shah (the Shah is in your jurisdiction this is the best school for him)] - called the United States the Kingdom of Kindness. So be it. 
Millions of people are suffering unnecessary starvation, violence and SLAVERY day. 
Because of the leadership of a man who is himself "the silver trumpet" (YOU SIR) and who could and must be followed by two (or three) "Mikes"(amplifiers). The practice of SLAVERY, the result of sexual immorality, hated by Gd, could be abolished forever.
This is my New Year Blessing to your Gracious Excellency.
You are the hope of all Israel, the one Executive Action that will establish your permanent victory over evil, will be the keeping of the oath from above (PAKOD pakodeti- last year) this year (gallop/lope).
Let us humbly accept that the best prayer around is still the one said by the best people around in every public school in the United States of America: the pledge of allegiance.
Sept 8th (Shabbat Shalom, very close to Rosh Hashana) was the wedding anniversary of President Poroshenko....maybe he will merit to do something extremely smart for all of us. There is still a little time?