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Friday, August 10, 2018

What happened to the tribe of Levite and the tribe of Benjamin in the last chapter of Joshua?

What happened to the tribe of Levite and the tribe of Benjamin in the last chapter of Joshua? How is this related to our final book the book of Esther. Is there a relation to Hannoukka, the Mimouna and the arrival of the remains of Rabbi Nachman?
The original Levites separate into two branches: The descendents of Ahron, cohens who marry only Jewish women that never gave birth. The descendents of Moshe, who married a woman that was neither in Egypt or on Mt Sinai. The Levites separate themselves further from the other tribes because Moses called those that belonged to him to fight against idolatry and the Levites ALL accepted his leadership on this issue...this makes the title of Levite an ideological classification. A Levite is a follower of Moses, the more zealous ones, like Pinchas also reject any trace of promiscuity.  The US Greenback Dollar likewise, rejects the idea of Black Slaves and Topless Women promoted by the Greyback Dollar. The US Dollar is a "value" currency and not idol worship of commodities such as Gold or Oil.
The Levite that arrived in the erea of Benjamin was not welcomed there by the inhabitants. According to law, he could chose to settle anywhere he wants and even to collect tiths.  Like Lot he chose to send his wife out instead of himself since he was a representative of the allmighty.  He had hoped to give her the same as what she had at her fathers home, that didn't seem possible at this point.  His second half would now become the sacrifice that the daughters of Lot avoided becoming.  Maybe Gd would have mercy again. It became clear something was very wrong in Benjamin and needed reparation.
Benjamin was a tribe who had a father and no mother...never drank milk from Rachel and was symbolized by a wolf (an animal that still ruled most of Europe at the time) (rachel means small sheep).  He was the privileged son of Jacob, his right hand benefiting from the protection of the powerful tribe of Yehuda, due to politics his private access to the temple was through a corridor which is a very commercial proposition. 

Much later a spear thrown into the sea created a piece of land on which Romulus and Remus two babies raised by wolves began a wolflike population that replaced the ferocious four legged Empire. 

Benjamin in the time of Joshua was not lustful like the people of Schechem so what was the real motivation behind the collective rape?
The tribe of Benjamin didn t want to feed this Levite that was over indulging, in fact they didn't want to be taxed for the Temple that was in Yehuda, although they made money on the corridor and tried to keep business there.
What he did and the reaction now makes sense. 3000 fighting men from three tribes were killed, while all of Benjamin was looted and destroyed.  Ten men were left alive and a village in Ruven was destroyed to provide them with wives.  In this extremely violent way our nation in its borders was formed. This ending is not the final ending...the Tanach ends with the book of Esther and of course that too is not the end since the holidays of Hannukka and the Mimouna have come still later. We are still waiting forbthe big wedding or Shabbat that will be a conclusion.
The conclusion of the book of Joshua marks the creation of the Holy Land.  The conclusion of the Tanach is the birth of the Jewish People.  Hannukka the cementing of the priestly laws.  The Mimouna marks mankinds united quest for freedom from bondage and the sovergnty of the Lord of Hosts.
Bringing Rabbi Nachman will be the keeping of the oath.  Regaining our spoken word to its fullest potential. Thus the priesthood will be established for mankind and peace is what Ahron will bring again.

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