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Friday, August 3, 2018

How does dancing sweeten the harsh judgement?

The offering of King David "Korban le ani" offering of the poor, makes little sense... why would a King offer a bird to Gd?  In fact King David would play a violin, which as everyone knows carries the name of a bird...each violin has such a name.  SO the motion of the bow is like a shechita and Gd accepts it as such.

If a man is not accompanied in his singing  by an instrument, what can he use?

He will dance and thus keep the beat and the dancing replaces the instrument.  The energy used burns fat, water, blood.  The man changes his dancing body into the animal instead of the instrument.

Thus dancing is accepted above (in Shamaim)  as a sacrifice,
the same way and maybe more than a bird sacrifice.

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