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Monday, July 9, 2018

Why is it so hard to be a King?

My experience shows that the treason is not from the street, but rather alwayse from the court itself. 

The King is usually a friend of the people, the halls of fame and power (the swamp) are not necessarily so.  An intelligent leader like President Trump understands the need to "dismiss honorably" anyone that presents the slightest tinge of disloyalty... this is not selfishness this is national security.

In Russia, we see how Rasputin influenced Catherine the great and her son Paul I was executed in front of his own son and her grandson.. as a warning from the Kremlin to the grandson not to liberate the Russian enslaved peasants.

People have the false idea that Kings are the source of slavery.  Wrong.  When land is not used freely by the population, slavery is the result.  A King who distributes the lands in the name of the owner (Gd) through his priests to certain families ...never to be sold and to be passed down from generation to generation, this King allows for freedom.  When Josef bought all the lands back for the King except for the lands of the priests, Josef was liberating Egyptians.  The economic difficulties and bad management previously were precisely because slavery and violence (AND SEXUAL LUST) were prevalent.

The elite, want to have more control and power and even have a secret desire to replace the King, these elites are disciples of Haman.  The REAL Jew is a child of Mordecai and Esther has no interest in replacing the King and is therefore capable of being priests.

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