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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Today is 2018 -1776 = 242 !!

Today is 2018 -1776 = 242 !! Years of USA fight for Right and Freedom

242 is the number associated with Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Israel's quotes about the way to fight the Evil Eye. 

Evil Eye is what 99% of the people in the graveyard  owe their death to.  Bilaam faces off Moses on 17th of Tammuz which is mentioned in the 1st Petek. 

The second Petek (shaped as a hand with the long and short fingers reversed) is renamed by Rabbi Odesser as "the letter" and he refutes the 1st Petek there and supposes it is at his daughter's apartment.  He reads us the letter: "Very hard it was for me to reach down to you my precious student to tell you that I greatly appreciated your service and on you I said my flame will burn until the coming of Messiach"  The last part is in YIDDISH not in Hebrew (as opposed to Jacovs' painting).

On the day I discovered this Jacov Misrachi had painted an alternative Petek and the real Petek was burned by a Pyromaniac in Tzipporah's appartment. 

From today on the 70th of Israel, the 242 or the US just be united and I will be with the year Pakod Pakodeti, with Donald Trum (gematria Messiah ben David) as President.  It is now preferrable to say the Letter that was given on Mt Sinai with the first Tablets!!!  Your lungs have in them divine spirit, USE them to say this letter! 

Gd Bless America, land that I love!

Saba does not want any separation based on color of skin, or religious persuasion, or amount of wealth etc... we are NOT supposed to have the evil eye!

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