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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

President Donald Trump

Today is the day (July3) I delivered the proof that my ecological house was soundly constructed with the signature of a structural engineer. 

My house was destroyed on the 4th of July in spite of me having reached the deadline.  No excuses all lies and false accusations unfounded and proven false, but the thugs are the thugs. 

An attempt at burning it was made on 9th of Av. 

I married there on 9-11 even though the bride had no where to go.  The mayor FELL the day after due to one of his rape victims not being able to keep it in anymore.... Amalekites exist.

ONe year later after still not having received a replacement caravan in Ebay ha Nachal where I live the bride gave up and we got divorced.

I want to make it clear... all my blessings go to President Donald Trump.  Tomorrow we want to be at the US Embassy in Jerusalem!!!

Without Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem we are just wasting our time.

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The villager said...

The particular rape victim was married, and worked in the municipality.