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Monday, July 30, 2018

Le Chaim to the White House

I'm sure a 4.1 % GDP growth is a big success... what we want now has to be higher, like,...above 5.3%!!

This kind of success is possible even including a 10% flat tax to be self imposed (as a blessing by a generous and grateful nation of believers) by citizens... do not be surprised.  Kim is apparently your friend since he has sent 55 US Heroes for burial at Arlington Cemetery, and he was gratefully able to do this, really, thanks to you and Gd alone.

The main theme when relating to the dead is Glory, and similarly, Glory is the underlying theme of creation whose purpose is his own Glory.  Simply,  you are touching the "blood" or the "life" of creation.  Here on earth "wealth" is glory or it can be "gory" depending on who is managing it.

The most brilliant part of your speech was: "made in America no longer just a slogan, it's a way of life!"

Do not let any other nation take away your leadership with this project, because it holds all the glory of creation and you are the one who can bring all this TO LIFE!!! Lechaim!!!

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