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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

If your first act in the Oval Office.....

If your first act in the Oval Office was to have the bust of Sir Winston Churchill brought back, to me, that means you want Total Victory.

Why would a man named Trump not want total victory if by placing America first he can change every last American into a Trump?  (a 7 of Trumps is stronger than a King of hearts or an ace of spades).  We are seeing this happening with our own eyes!

Since I also am interested in Total Victory, I need to give you a heads up just in case you haven't noticed.  As you know Kings are surrounded by courts that are usually enemies of the people and of the King... this you know as well as Louis the XIV for example.  That same survival problem is also faced by the leading Rabbis who reveal laws of holiness that are neither respected observed or enforced by their courts, even worse, they make sure no one is to follow them.  One such law is the obligation to re-bury Jews in the Holy Land.  Law 363 neither respected by Shass (360) or Gimmel (3) is the law that states that the sons of the deceased MUST DISOBEY a will written by their father for his bones to be kept in a foreign country.  In this case both political rabbinic parties are dishonoring the law as stated by their own leader.  Any Christian could step in here and put them to shame by practicing Jewish Law, if this were done by the leader of the land of the free and the home of the brave, this would make perfect sense.  President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Grossman may need your help just as the Chief Rabbi does.

You have observed how the North Korean do not allow their leader to make good on his promises to you, regarding American Army heroes destined for the holy grounds of Arlington Cemetery.
The Ukrainian Government is behaving very unusually in claiming that the Poles have destroyed a Monument honoring the Ukrainian Genocide of Poles during WWII and this as a pretext to pass a new law forbidding that bodies be taken out of Ukrainian soil.. what right do they have to do something like this?

Both these issues touch on a biblical issue of greater importance than the Exodus from Egypt.  This ONE issue is the issue that puts an otherwise "delinquent" Yehuda as "King" over all the Tribes of Israel and gives him King David and the Messiah as descendents.  Pakod Pakodeti is the code word and promise of the redemption (this Jewish year by numerical value).  It involves bringing the second son of Rachel for burial to Zion and what could be more Zion than Mt Zion where King David is buried, is not this burial site THE property of the King of Juda?

Who is the King of trumps if not Trump himself?  Kush means Africa and Ner means light, Kushner means light from Africa.  Yehuda, Trump and Kushner all have the symbolism of complete jump from darkest or lowest to all powerful and highest.  No one needs to feel left out from this round up. 

The way to make this happen of course, is to order President Poroshenko to remove the remains of Rabbi Nachman for burial in Israel.  This is Jewish Law and no Rabbi dare deny it.  The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia or Mr. Roman Abraminovitch can handsomely increase the value of their Yachts by participating in this project.  Reception at shore in Israel will be nothing short of grandiose. The light rail station of the old city is already rightly named President Donald Trump Terminal.  We will be expecting millions of PILGRIMS from all nations and all faiths, for Rabbi Nachman is the long awaited second son of Rachel and the source of Peace and Prosperity when he is placed at the correct location, even more so than the US Embassy.  You will proudly present Sir Winston Churchill with the Total Victory he requested.

Our Total Victory is the last thing the Devil wants, so you can expect strange things to happen, but do not be dismayed.

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