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Monday, July 2, 2018

Dear President,
General Ashkenazi will be visiting for your ok to attack Iran. This could be good for the US economy, but there is better and Israel might not make a clean and swift decapitation of the Junta.
True enough the Iranians are fed up with the mullahs and Israel can provide important goodies like water, but you are religious, so you know.  Experienced Peace negotiator Rabbi Melchior is convinced, no Middle East secular Peace without the religious perspective.  This neighborhood will always find a way to use its children as bombs, they will destroy any infrastructure.
The reeducation program starts with keeping the oath.  In America we start with George and the cherry tree.  You saw that Kim is not keeping his word and neither is Mr. Poroschenko.  Now that you have shaken hands with these two that don't keep their promise regarding body repatriation, you can absolutely shine by comparison by keeping the oath similar to that of Judah, and Josef, the unkept oath of carrying the bones of Josef by the 70 fathers of Israel.
The JEWISH STATE will not strike for the following reasons:
1) I ran is I Rabbi Nachman.
2) The Shah of Iran is nearly the father of the Jewish Nation along with Esther our mother.
3) The 12th Imam is no other than Na Nach who was born in a well in Tiberias.
4) Almost all the people living in this neighborhood want to live in Israel, also to destroy it but mainly to benefit from it. (You are familiar).
5) The Nazi "scavanger" mentality has been deeply indoctrinated and a deep change in the status quo is needed to uproot and reeducate.  A Jewish Ayatollah and Shah could do this, the real Shah could be put back on the throne after having received some courses in Rabbi Nachman, an outstanding Muslim cleric that studied Rabbi Nachman could also be put in charge to second the Shah.
To make all this "come true" please tell General Ashkenazi that you want to test if the strike can be avoided by bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion ASAP.  Assad has no local support eliminating Hizbollah and Iranian support will also allow that country to come back on its feet, with the assistance of the Saudis, Israelis, Iranians and international support for the Christian and Kurdish minorities.  The Palestinians have no religious possibility to prevent Rabbi Nachman from being buried on Mt Zion, they cannot prevent this, they cannot get in the way.

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