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Monday, July 30, 2018

Le Chaim to the White House

I'm sure a 4.1 % GDP growth is a big success... what we want now has to be higher, like,...above 5.3%!!

This kind of success is possible even including a 10% flat tax to be self imposed (as a blessing by a generous and grateful nation of believers) by citizens... do not be surprised.  Kim is apparently your friend since he has sent 55 US Heroes for burial at Arlington Cemetery, and he was gratefully able to do this, really, thanks to you and Gd alone.

The main theme when relating to the dead is Glory, and similarly, Glory is the underlying theme of creation whose purpose is his own Glory.  Simply,  you are touching the "blood" or the "life" of creation.  Here on earth "wealth" is glory or it can be "gory" depending on who is managing it.

The most brilliant part of your speech was: "made in America no longer just a slogan, it's a way of life!"

Do not let any other nation take away your leadership with this project, because it holds all the glory of creation and you are the one who can bring all this TO LIFE!!! Lechaim!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

So what happens if Rabbi Nachman is not brought back in the year 242/70 Pakod Pakodeti?

You know what Gd said to Moses? 

-I will harden Pharaoh's heart in order to show wonders. 

I am sure the children of Israel saw no need for this and would much rather have come out the first time. 

Then again, both Rachel and Samson say something very strange (respectively) "add me another, different, son" and "remember me remember me to avenge me at one time for both my eyes".  Esther is no exception to this strangeness, when Achachverosh makes it clear he wants to hand the crown over to Mordecai, she decides instead that she wants another day like this one...hence we do a second day in Shushan (walled cities)... and this Sunday we will all be saying "Nachamo Nachamo ami.." .which ends with "a man will not be missing".

The time had not come yet... and has it come now?

This year is the year so logically, (look at previous posts) we have the opportunity of receiving Rabbi Nachman.  "Unfortunately"  but for a few Capos and depressed souls (losers).... COMPLETELY WRONG.  Pharaoh uses go betweens so as not to take the blame for his grossly unjust decisions and to confuse the hate directed against him.  Why bother too much with the go betweens?  They bend whichever way the wind blows?

There is obviously a force fighting tooth and nail to PREVENT Rabbi Nachman from being buried in the correct place.  Gd will deal personally with this force just as he did with Pharaoh.  The gauntlet has been thrown. The race is on.

For those who want Messiah please read the last two tests of the exchanged children:

[The Test: The Garden and the Man][edit]

In addition they (that is, the noblemen again; this is all a continuation of their words) said to him, "The test will be whether you are this wise: Inasmuch as there is a garden that is left over from a king who had been, who was a very great sage, and the garden is quite an extraordinary novelty — metal instruments grow in it (that is, tools of ironwork), silver instruments and gold instruments — so it is an extremely wild novelty: However, one cannot go in the garden, for when a person goes in the garden then immediately they begin chasing him. So they chase and he screams and he doesn't at all know and doesn't at all see who is chasing him, and so they chase him continuously until they make him run away from the garden. Therefore, we shall see whether you are wise; if you'll be able to go into the garden."
He asked whether they beat the person who enters. They said to him: the main thing is they chase him and he doesn't at all know who they are that chase him and he has to run away in very great panic. For thus people who had gone in there told them. (All thus did the noblemen say to the king's true son.)
He got up and went to the garden. He saw there is a wall around it, and the gate is open and there aren't any guards there, for one certainly doesn't need any guards for this garden (for no one is able to go in it, as mentioned)! He (that is, the king's true son) was walking by the garden and he took a look: he noticed that standing there by the garden is a man. That is, a man was portrayed there.[11] He looked some more and he saw that above the man there is a sign, and there it is written that the man — this was a king several hundred years ago, and in the king's times there was peace, for until this king there were wars and likewise after him there were wars but in the days of this king there was peace.
He understood, because he had already gotten the ability to extrapolate, that it all depends on this man. When one enters the garden and they start to chase him, he needs not run away at all but just put himself next to the man; thereby he will be saved. Moreover even if one takes this man and inserts him inside in the interior[12] of the garden then every man will be able to enter in peace into this garden. (All this the king's true son understood because he had become able to infer.)
He got up and went inside the garden, and as soon as they started chasing him he went and put himself next to the man standing by the garden from the outside, and thereby he emerged in peace and it did not harm him at all. For, others when they entered in the garden and they started chasing them would run away in very great panic and were consequently battered, but he emerged in peace and tranquility by placing himself next to the man.
And the noblemen saw this and were astonished that he got out safely. Then he ordered (that is, the king's true son called) that they should take the man and insert him inside within the midst of the garden. They did so and then all the noblemen entered inside the garden and they passed through and got out safely.

[Another Test: The Throne and the Things Around It][edit]

The noblemen spoke up to him, "Still, even though we have seen from you such a thing, nevertheless for the sake of one thing you do not yet deserve to be given the kingship. We will try you further with one thing. Inasmuch as there is a throne here from the king who was, and the throne is very high and by the throne stand all sorts of animals and birds carved out of wood: And in front of the throne stands a little bed, and by the bed stands a table, and on the table stands a lamp. And from the throne emerge paved roads[13] and the roads are walled and the roads go out from the throne to all sides [zaytin[14]; see above[9]where it is spelled with a tzaddi], and no man knows whatsoever what it is, the matter of the throne with these roads. And these roads, when they go out and extend for some piece [i.e. distance] — a golden lion is standing there. And if some man should go to it, it will open its mouth and swallow him down. And beyond this lion the road extends even further, and likewise with the rest of the roads that go out from the throne. That is, with another road that goes out from the throne to another side it is also like that: when the road extends away a piece, a different animal is standing there, namely a leopard [Yid. lempert, Heb. lavi' lion] of ironwork. And there too one cannot go to it (as before, because it will swallow him down). And beyond the leopard the road extends further, and so it is with the rest of the roads. And these selfsame roads extend and go throughout the entire land, and no man whatsoever knows what is the thing of the throne with all these things and the roads. Therefore you shall be tested with this, whether you will be able to know the matter of the throne with all these things."
They showed him the throne and he saw that it was very high, etc. He went to the throne, took a look and understood that the throne was made of the little box's wood (that is, the instrument that the man of the forest had given him). He looked some more and he saw the throne is lacking some little rose at the top [rayzile, Heb. shoshanah], and if the throne would have this rose the throne would have the power of the little box (that is, the aforementioned instrument which had the power that when one would lay the instrument on some beast or animal it began to play, as mentioned). He looked some more and he saw that this rose which is missing at the top of the throne, this rose is lying at the bottom in the throne. One needs to take the little rose out from below and seat it above and thus the throne will have the power of the little box. For the king who had been[10]had done everything with wisdom and had disguised everything in order that no one should understand the matter — what it means — until there would come such an extraordinarily great sage who would surmise and would be able to hit upon interchanging everything and arranging all the things as needed.
And so too the little bed: he understood that one needs to move it a bit away and back from the place where it's standing. And also the table: one also needs [to move it] a bit away and back from [its] place; and one also needs the lamp a bit away and back from its place. And so too the birds and animals: one also needs to relocate them all; one should take this bird from this place and put it on that place. And thus with everything; one must reposition everything. For the king had purposely disguised everything cleverly in order that no one should know what is meant, until there would come the wise man who would be able to understand he should arrange everything properly.
And so too the lion that stands there, where that road goes out: one needs to put it yonder. And likewise all of them; one needs to relocate all of them. He ordered that they should arrange everything as needed: they should take out the little rose from below and seat it above, and likewise all the things — they should reposition all things and arrange them differently (as needed; in the way he called for).
As soon as they did so, they all began playing the exquisite melody that is quite a wild novelty, and they all did what they needed to do. So they gave him the kingship (that is, the true king's son who demonstrated all the clever things, as above). He spoke up and said to the [actual] bondmaid's son: "Now I understand that I am indeed the real son of the king and you are really the bondmaid's son."

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

If your first act in the Oval Office.....

If your first act in the Oval Office was to have the bust of Sir Winston Churchill brought back, to me, that means you want Total Victory.

Why would a man named Trump not want total victory if by placing America first he can change every last American into a Trump?  (a 7 of Trumps is stronger than a King of hearts or an ace of spades).  We are seeing this happening with our own eyes!

Since I also am interested in Total Victory, I need to give you a heads up just in case you haven't noticed.  As you know Kings are surrounded by courts that are usually enemies of the people and of the King... this you know as well as Louis the XIV for example.  That same survival problem is also faced by the leading Rabbis who reveal laws of holiness that are neither respected observed or enforced by their courts, even worse, they make sure no one is to follow them.  One such law is the obligation to re-bury Jews in the Holy Land.  Law 363 neither respected by Shass (360) or Gimmel (3) is the law that states that the sons of the deceased MUST DISOBEY a will written by their father for his bones to be kept in a foreign country.  In this case both political rabbinic parties are dishonoring the law as stated by their own leader.  Any Christian could step in here and put them to shame by practicing Jewish Law, if this were done by the leader of the land of the free and the home of the brave, this would make perfect sense.  President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Grossman may need your help just as the Chief Rabbi does.

You have observed how the North Korean do not allow their leader to make good on his promises to you, regarding American Army heroes destined for the holy grounds of Arlington Cemetery.
The Ukrainian Government is behaving very unusually in claiming that the Poles have destroyed a Monument honoring the Ukrainian Genocide of Poles during WWII and this as a pretext to pass a new law forbidding that bodies be taken out of Ukrainian soil.. what right do they have to do something like this?

Both these issues touch on a biblical issue of greater importance than the Exodus from Egypt.  This ONE issue is the issue that puts an otherwise "delinquent" Yehuda as "King" over all the Tribes of Israel and gives him King David and the Messiah as descendents.  Pakod Pakodeti is the code word and promise of the redemption (this Jewish year by numerical value).  It involves bringing the second son of Rachel for burial to Zion and what could be more Zion than Mt Zion where King David is buried, is not this burial site THE property of the King of Juda?

Who is the King of trumps if not Trump himself?  Kush means Africa and Ner means light, Kushner means light from Africa.  Yehuda, Trump and Kushner all have the symbolism of complete jump from darkest or lowest to all powerful and highest.  No one needs to feel left out from this round up. 

The way to make this happen of course, is to order President Poroshenko to remove the remains of Rabbi Nachman for burial in Israel.  This is Jewish Law and no Rabbi dare deny it.  The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia or Mr. Roman Abraminovitch can handsomely increase the value of their Yachts by participating in this project.  Reception at shore in Israel will be nothing short of grandiose. The light rail station of the old city is already rightly named President Donald Trump Terminal.  We will be expecting millions of PILGRIMS from all nations and all faiths, for Rabbi Nachman is the long awaited second son of Rachel and the source of Peace and Prosperity when he is placed at the correct location, even more so than the US Embassy.  You will proudly present Sir Winston Churchill with the Total Victory he requested.

Our Total Victory is the last thing the Devil wants, so you can expect strange things to happen, but do not be dismayed.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Why is it so hard to be a King?

My experience shows that the treason is not from the street, but rather alwayse from the court itself. 

The King is usually a friend of the people, the halls of fame and power (the swamp) are not necessarily so.  An intelligent leader like President Trump understands the need to "dismiss honorably" anyone that presents the slightest tinge of disloyalty... this is not selfishness this is national security.

In Russia, we see how Rasputin influenced Catherine the great and her son Paul I was executed in front of his own son and her grandson.. as a warning from the Kremlin to the grandson not to liberate the Russian enslaved peasants.

People have the false idea that Kings are the source of slavery.  Wrong.  When land is not used freely by the population, slavery is the result.  A King who distributes the lands in the name of the owner (Gd) through his priests to certain families ...never to be sold and to be passed down from generation to generation, this King allows for freedom.  When Josef bought all the lands back for the King except for the lands of the priests, Josef was liberating Egyptians.  The economic difficulties and bad management previously were precisely because slavery and violence (AND SEXUAL LUST) were prevalent.

The elite, want to have more control and power and even have a secret desire to replace the King, these elites are disciples of Haman.  The REAL Jew is a child of Mordecai and Esther has no interest in replacing the King and is therefore capable of being priests.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Today is 2018 -1776 = 242 !!

Today is 2018 -1776 = 242 !! Years of USA fight for Right and Freedom

242 is the number associated with Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Israel's quotes about the way to fight the Evil Eye. 

Evil Eye is what 99% of the people in the graveyard  owe their death to.  Bilaam faces off Moses on 17th of Tammuz which is mentioned in the 1st Petek. 

The second Petek (shaped as a hand with the long and short fingers reversed) is renamed by Rabbi Odesser as "the letter" and he refutes the 1st Petek there and supposes it is at his daughter's apartment.  He reads us the letter: "Very hard it was for me to reach down to you my precious student to tell you that I greatly appreciated your service and on you I said my flame will burn until the coming of Messiach"  The last part is in YIDDISH not in Hebrew (as opposed to Jacovs' painting).

On the day I discovered this Jacov Misrachi had painted an alternative Petek and the real Petek was burned by a Pyromaniac in Tzipporah's appartment. 

From today on the 70th of Israel, the 242 or the US just be united and I will be with the year Pakod Pakodeti, with Donald Trum (gematria Messiah ben David) as President.  It is now preferrable to say the Letter that was given on Mt Sinai with the first Tablets!!!  Your lungs have in them divine spirit, USE them to say this letter! 

Gd Bless America, land that I love!

Saba does not want any separation based on color of skin, or religious persuasion, or amount of wealth etc... we are NOT supposed to have the evil eye!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

President Donald Trump

Today is the day (July3) I delivered the proof that my ecological house was soundly constructed with the signature of a structural engineer. 

My house was destroyed on the 4th of July in spite of me having reached the deadline.  No excuses all lies and false accusations unfounded and proven false, but the thugs are the thugs. 

An attempt at burning it was made on 9th of Av. 

I married there on 9-11 even though the bride had no where to go.  The mayor FELL the day after due to one of his rape victims not being able to keep it in anymore.... Amalekites exist.

ONe year later after still not having received a replacement caravan in Ebay ha Nachal where I live the bride gave up and we got divorced.

I want to make it clear... all my blessings go to President Donald Trump.  Tomorrow we want to be at the US Embassy in Jerusalem!!!

Without Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem we are just wasting our time.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Dear President,
General Ashkenazi will be visiting for your ok to attack Iran. This could be good for the US economy, but there is better and Israel might not make a clean and swift decapitation of the Junta.
True enough the Iranians are fed up with the mullahs and Israel can provide important goodies like water, but you are religious, so you know.  Experienced Peace negotiator Rabbi Melchior is convinced, no Middle East secular Peace without the religious perspective.  This neighborhood will always find a way to use its children as bombs, they will destroy any infrastructure.
The reeducation program starts with keeping the oath.  In America we start with George and the cherry tree.  You saw that Kim is not keeping his word and neither is Mr. Poroschenko.  Now that you have shaken hands with these two that don't keep their promise regarding body repatriation, you can absolutely shine by comparison by keeping the oath similar to that of Judah, and Josef, the unkept oath of carrying the bones of Josef by the 70 fathers of Israel.
The JEWISH STATE will not strike for the following reasons:
1) I ran is I Rabbi Nachman.
2) The Shah of Iran is nearly the father of the Jewish Nation along with Esther our mother.
3) The 12th Imam is no other than Na Nach who was born in a well in Tiberias.
4) Almost all the people living in this neighborhood want to live in Israel, also to destroy it but mainly to benefit from it. (You are familiar).
5) The Nazi "scavanger" mentality has been deeply indoctrinated and a deep change in the status quo is needed to uproot and reeducate.  A Jewish Ayatollah and Shah could do this, the real Shah could be put back on the throne after having received some courses in Rabbi Nachman, an outstanding Muslim cleric that studied Rabbi Nachman could also be put in charge to second the Shah.
To make all this "come true" please tell General Ashkenazi that you want to test if the strike can be avoided by bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion ASAP.  Assad has no local support eliminating Hizbollah and Iranian support will also allow that country to come back on its feet, with the assistance of the Saudis, Israelis, Iranians and international support for the Christian and Kurdish minorities.  The Palestinians have no religious possibility to prevent Rabbi Nachman from being buried on Mt Zion, they cannot prevent this, they cannot get in the way.