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Monday, June 18, 2018

Strife (machloket)

There are two types of strife, strife in the name of Gd and strife that is not in the name of Gd. 
The first will exist the second will disappear.... 

such are the words from the Babylonian Talmud, written at the very the place where the construction of the Babylonian Tower was halted through strife.

The second Temple built after Babylon was also destroyed through strife called "groundless hatred".
Why do we say it is good that strife exists and bad that it disappears? 

Examples of strife in the name of Gd are: Hillel and Shamai or Rachel and Lea; examples of strife not in the name of Gd are, Korach and co or (I add ) Amalek vrs Israel.

In both cases of strife in the name of Gd we see they bear fruit and the fruit prospers.  In both cases of strife not in the name of Gd we see that the strife is not named with apparent logic.

Korach was in appearance fighting Moses, but the truth is everyone was fighting for themselves against Moses and everybody else therefore strife between Korach and his followers.  Amalek was actually fighting Gd (like Nimrod before him), unable to reach Gd he would fight his representatives on earth who everyone had already accepted Gd through. 

In this type of strife (against Gd), even though the strife might go on forever the objective is the total annihilation of the opposing party.  The conclusion of this second strife will be the last generation, the generation of the redemption!

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