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Monday, June 11, 2018

Pastor Huckabee,

Pastor Huckabee,
You yourself know that Mr Donald Trump is a better President then you could have been at this stage.  The gematria of Donald Trump is "Messiach ben David".  Abraham Isaac and Jacov, are the garantee from the Holy Land that Gd will not again disperse creation.  The United States wants to free the world, not unite it, Jerusalem is already there for that.  For the US and President Trump to succeed you will need three Presidents like Donald Trump.  You could  become one of them, ideally followed by Mike Pence! Here is how to secure Freedom for the World...:
Yehuda began as a scoundrel, but he did repent and his spoken word is what saved him.  He knew that his father wanted to save Benjamin.  He gave an all important oath and  truth in the court of Pharaoh merited him to complete his oath.  Yehuda was obviously a typical American hero! The biblical promise that gives humanity its freedom is Pakod Pakodeti, and it must happen this year (778) with the bones of Rabbi Nachman (second son of Rachel - also Revelations).  PLease become the uncontested leader of the free world. Blessings.

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