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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

casual study about promises (pakod pakodeti)

Jacob asked his trustworthy son, (the one that wasn't really his son, but rather the son of the woman that should have been his first wife), Jacob made Josef swear to bury him in Hebron together with the other two that saved the world from a new Tower of Babylone episode. 

[You will say that the Temple was indeed destroyed twice after that, but in both cases, instead of dismembering mankind, the destruction of these temples centered mankind even more around Jerusalem!~]

Then Gd asks Josef to make 70 descendents of Jacob formally swear that they will bring his bones out of Egypt.  I think he doesn't tell them he heard this from Gd.  This is to test if they are indeed united with themselves... will each leader respect his own word out of self respect ?  At least would they do it collectively out of respect for one another?

How could they have failed so miserably? 

When Moses asked 600 000 individually if they could help him keep the promise they ALL said no, we are fulfilling the mitsvah of finding the Egyptian gold.  Indeed they were, during the three miraculous days of darkness, free will was nullified, no one stole a penny! 

Moses understood this and when Gd asked to abstain for two days from touching women, Moses knew that if they could do it by miracle for two days, they would do it by miracle for three like the miraculous exit from the slavery of lust for money.  He also understood that the promise was meant for a much later date, so he took Josef out himself and carried him 120 years.

If you understood that Jews only started to exist after Esthers fast and civilized gentiles after Yonahs fast.  You will understand that King David rules over a very unruly group of people, not yet fit to serve as priests.  Furthermore the promise to take out Josefs bones still needs to be kept somehow...

The issue of asking Josef to keep a spoken oath is very curious since josef has naturally the oath from below... he is born different, Moses who comes out of the waters where Josef is buried needs no circumbcision, while it is his wife that circumbcises his sons!  These are not just regular matter of fact events, they are keys to understanding.

Now that the Jewish people have inherited and been blessed with the oath from below thanks to Mordecai and Esther, the time has come to make the civilized nations keep the oath from above, just as we have become Josef and now we can not keep the oath... it is the 70 that must and in so doing become the nations of Israel and of King David.  Three nations have the word oath in their names (in Hebrew) they are:  USA, England and "Soviet Union" (now replaced by Russia- in Hebrew very similar to "Evil").  But whose bones can they bring instead of Josefs?

Revelations speaks of a pregnant woman in heaven that gives birth in the end of days and the Devil kills her only AFTER she gives birth (it seems that way).  The woman is Rachel and she finally gives birth to her second son which is Rabbi Nachman.  This second son is the better of the two and he is the one whose body can be used to fulfill the promise.  This is the year 5(778) which is the numerical value of the word Pakod Pakodeti (I formally make you swear to bring the bones).  These are the words Moses used to convince the elders of Egypt that he was the redeemer.

If Russia were to encourage (allow) Ukraine to send Rabbi Nachman to Israel, they could go back to their former glory, under the good Tsars Paul I and Alexander I.  Problem is which of these nations (USA, UK, USSR) is serious about keeping their promises? Ukraine and Israel could also do it alone.

Please help me solve the riddle.???

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