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Friday, May 25, 2018

why say enemies and haters?

Really isn't it enough to say enemies?

Not at all... an ennemie isn't a hater until he has no reason to be an enemy any longer, at which point he becomes a hater.  Donald Trumps enemies had justifications, now they no longer have, so they became haters... it is not the result of propaganda, it is the result of hating a man who believes in Gd!

When we carry the flag of Gd, many will hate us.

This hate is one of the prime motivations for him to fight for us, since he is also fighting for himself!

Chasing our enemies from before us because if we turn back (our enemies behind us) we have no faith and therefore are not dignified representatives.


The villager said...

It is the 242 year of the United States of America! The most important quotes in Sihot ha Ran and Sichot is 242! Also revealed there, the second Petek in all its glory!

The villager said...

All eyes!!! Look up, not away.