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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Rabbi Nachman says the source of money is very heaven, the highest place.

This seems the opposite of when he says that Mamon, money is like the round stuff that comes out the rear end of a goat.  Speaking of which the two goats appear on the Holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur and we never know which is which until the last step.  One to the Devil and one to Gd...quite the opposite of each other and not similar at all!!!

There are two Shekels today like their were two Dollars once.  The difference being (and it is a big difference) that you can trade the Shekels one for one, while during the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, the greenback value increased disproportionately with the fall of the Greyback confederate Dollar.

When Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu found out that all the people on the Shekel were those that made the book Ebay, he had them changed...or someone did! Thus was born the Secular Shekel, this time however, Rabbi Nachman will keep the values united!  The "Holy Shekel" will save it's brother.  If the Holy Shekel disappears from the market "shook", Messiah will arrive to save us.  If we bring Rabbi Nachman here during this year, he will come to congratulate us!!!

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