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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Letter to MK Hotoveli (today)

Attn.: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Tzipi Hotoveli,

Thank you on behalf of sanity for achieving to raise the issue of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem in the Knesset in November.   We are all shocked that this reasonable, logical and practical  non partisan motion failed to receive the approval of 100% of the knesset including the Arab and leftwing Mk's.  This issue has a big role to play in the fight against terror.

The threat of the Iranian revolution does exist and it is not purely a military threat.  When the cost of the War on Terror reaches the billions in every nation on the planet, something is seriously off course and the status quo is being threatened.

The Iranian revolution is nothing but a war against secularism.  The leaders of the revolution are not the type of religious leaders anyone wants and this is why fighting down this scourge is a noble and necessary cause, however, Religion will gain ground on secularism one way or the other, even bad religion.

Throwing money and life at the fire may not necessarily put it out (this is what is beign done today) what is needed primarily is a lot of water, a limitless supply of well directed streams of it.

Water of course is Torah, and Rabbi Nachman is the everflowing source of wisdom.  Both wisdom & Torah in combination, like Maimonides of Spain or Mordecai of Shushan before him.  Both the secular world and the religious word can take advantage of this water.  

Having Many Rabbis like suggested by Korach, will not help the vast number of Jews that followed Moses out of Egypt.  These Egyptian friends had not had their lust for money removed during the three days of darkness (which is a Hazaka), the Erev Rav are ridiculed but this is a huge mistake.  People that lust for money are not competent to make wise decisions (as everybody knows) unless they truely become the people of Moses!  Giving the gold of their children and wives to the idols is seriously misguided of course.  Giving their tiths to Moses would turn their passion into a virtue!

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your historic achievement of Nov 6th and encourage you further on this path.  I believe that Mrs Kushner is familiar and friendly to Na Nach, she is a remarkable woman just like Esther and her husband has already begun making history.  The reward for his assistance in this project should be no less than a Palace on Mt Zion for the pursuit of the studies of Rabbi Nachman, in all the languages, all the religions and all the philosofies.

This is now within your reach!


Mordecai Spiro


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