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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


The most misunderstood term in Judaism.

These are considered to be the enemies of Israel from within, by most definitions.  Many claim they are not actually humans!
OK,  this needs clarification...

 I say: "the Erev Rav is the most important creation planned by Gd and Moses for the benefit of the end of days!"

These were subjects of Pharaoh that were spared during the plagues and merited to stand at Har Sinai and at Shushan.  Gd calls them the people of Moses.  How could that possibly be pejorative?
SOME of them betrayed Moses when he did not appear until the last minute of the 40th day.  By that time the golden Calf was a reality and much more, so their evil operation was well underway and ready for launching at 00 hour.  Hur was already dead and Aaron wasn't dead yet, but later he lost two out of four sons to an internal family rebellion which parallels the golden calf rebellion but also the rebellion that he and Hur had against Moses during the attack of Amalek.

If Hur and Aaron had not held up Moses hands by force...they would have had the strength to put down the rebellion of the Golden Calf like Moses did.  If they did not have this strength, it is because Gd intended for part of the Erev Rav to rebel, but also for the two remaining sons of Aaron to have names that add up to Gematria 1820, the year that Missouri allowed Slavery of blacks to remain legal in the United States...but that is another subject.

The Erev Rav far outnumbered the actual family of Jacob, was it not Gd's intention that many nations would join us and accept our ways?
Some followed Korach and some followed Moses, just like the plague that broke out at Sinai, on one side of Aaron they died and on the other they lived .  Aaron had to run very fast with his incense to save as many lives as possible.
A Jew and a Goy differ, it is not race, it is not religion, it is not family ties,  the difference lies in the mysteries of creation.  Both Goys and Jews have been altered from the original condition they were in before and after the flood, the two groups were also separated according to their task in creation.  While the Goy remains like Adam, on that needs to populate and tend the garden, the Jew becomes a priest who is supposed to attend to "man's Embassy to Gd".

When and how was the human altered ?

Three days fast in Ninve, in the whale and to cross Ninve.  The Adam-like man needs to populate all places including the oceans and build and improve the garden.  The thee day fast in Sushan was preceded by three days without any sexual involvement at Sinai and three days without touching any valuables when everything could be stolen very easily and the MITSVAH was to OBSERVE ALL the hidden wealth of Egypt for three days.  The first Jew is therefore Mordecai who called the nation to fast for Esther.

Obviously all six three days of abstention were open miracles and Gd took away mans' free will.  He altered our nature permanently! It is a fact that something repeated three times is considered everlasting.

The Erev Rav fits into neither of these two categories because they were blind "Egyptians" during the three days of the observation of the wealth.  These semi-priests LOVE money just like the Goyim, but they have no use for it since they do not need to improve the garden and procreate!  This is why regular Jews have a serious issue with them. However there is a misunderstanding here.

The book of the priesthood, "Leviticus" ends with the order to give the tith.  The only law mentioned during "behar" on the mountain (sinai) is the law of the Sabbatical and Jubilees (considered tiths to the land itself).  The landowner is the only Jew required to come to the Temple, Levites are not required to bring sacrifices because they have no land but they also need to give the tith of their tith. 
The EREV RAV love money and their money is devoted to Moses HIMSELF.  These are the people that will work full time for the Moses of the Generation.  This is why they were created.  They are more numerous than the other Jews, they are the HASSIDS.  They are in danger of supporting the wrong Admore and it is up to the regular Jews to lead them to the right leader.  AGAIN that is the responsibility of the regular Jews, but also of the Gentiles.  The Gentiles know that the world needs to be improved and they use their money for that, since they are busy doing what they need to be doing, they can more easily notice when what looks to them like a Jew is WAY OFF COURSE, and very damaging.  The chances are they have just come across a misguided Erev Rav. 

Since the Erev Rav has priestly powers Non-Jews (the real Israel) need to be very careful about how to deal with this situation.  The best alternative is to give strong and unanimous support to the real Jewish Admore who will then have the strength to realign the Erev Rav which are the much larger portion of the "Jewish" population.

When the Erev Rav begin  supporting the right admore, I am convinced it will allow for the arrival of the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion Jerusalem, which will be THE keeping of the Promise (The Covenant).

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