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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The power of the Priest to isolate the speaker of lashon hara!

What does it mean when a Cohen puts a person in Herem because he is contagious, (due to evil gossip), or they actually destroy his house (because it may or may not harbor wealth from the nation that abandoned the residence- but the value of the  land is not mentioned as relevant, in case the "FAMILY" decides to return as "ger toshav")?

The power of the Cohen is in fact derived from the King, since we chose to have a King like the nations around us.  If the King is good like David and recognizes the Tzaddik, unlike Korach (who did not recognize Moses), then the Cohens are for real.  Unfortunately if the King forgets the Tzaddik like Pharaoh of Egypt, then the Cohens become mere "magicians", this is what happens when we chose a King.

Jews were given their land by Gd and it cannot be sold.  In Egypt all the land belongs to Pharaoh except the land of the Priests, the land is distributed by the King and the State.  We are a nation of priests, but unfortunately the priests can be corrupted by a King that denies the Tzaddik (Moses before and now Saba).  Under such a King, the laws of purity become dysfunctional.

Knowing this situation, Rabbi Nachman prepared the Tikkun Haklali so that we could attach ourselves directly to the Tzaddik and purify ourselves even in the absence of our rightful Messiah. 

For those who really want to connect, the 9th psalm is not the right one, so you better learn to say the Petek by heart, because that will surely connect you and you might merit to know the correct Psalm #9, and your own 10 psalms!!!

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