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Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Mimouna tonight, "maza isha maza tov"

The Mimouna tonight, the subject is
"maza isha maza tov"
This means:
"found a wife found good"
Most people automatically think of the first woman, as the wife of Adam and she wasn't too good for him....Adam looked and looked and could not find.  Eventually Gd took a rib and so created his match.  Adam didn't find his wife and anyways, the female for Adam is Adama and it means earth, no wonder she was his SHadow (rib is the same in Hebrew).
The most famous "wife find" is Archaveroch who put his full efforts into this endeavor and was very successful.  He turns out a much bigger winner than Adam.
Just the way a man needs to put effort into finding Gd, he needs effort to find his wife.  first come first serve is not good in either case.  King Solomon, never found his wife, so it is not a question of wisdom, he married many famous queens, but his favorite did not remain with him.  For each queen he built a Palace and a temple, but to no avail.
Achachverosh had one Palace for all the women before (the act)  and all the women after and he married none of them except one.  Most of the women were not volunteers, they were recruits, chosen by his specialists.
Achachverosh was looking for the one, while Shlomo, out of fairness married them all, but could not keep on to the one he actually did chose.
The word Maza, is also the name of the bread of freedom.  The bread that does not have the time to rise.  The bread of our affliction that became the symbol of our freedom. 
A woman needs to be treated like Maza.  If you let her rise, everything is spoiled, no matter how many women you marry.  If you Maza her, she becomes good!

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The villager said...

Gd certainly Mazaed the Jewish Nation,