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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Brit and the land!

The Brit and the land!

The people of the Brit can acquire land from Gd, just as Kings have the DIVINE right to rule over land.  Adam the first man did not need circumcision as he was born circumcised, which is well since he was the guardian and the worker of the Garden of Eden.

The generations from Abraham who received the oath from Gd about the land, all had to be circumcised, not the slaves and not the children of the 40 years in the desert.  These children were being ruled by the spies and these "leaders" did not merit to enter the land of Israel.  These leaders also did not circumcise their children because they were jealous in spite of having reached a great level of Torah, they knew they themselves would not merit to enter the holy land and take possession of it, from the hand of Gd!  A real Jew is not jealous, since he is connected to the Tzaddik! Mordecai and Esther are our father and mother, who do we need to be jealous of or kneel to?

Joshua who was to enter the land, circumcised that whole generation, making them eligible to benefit from the oath given to them by the Lord of Hosts, from the time of Abraham.  There was no rebellion against Joshua all the days of his life, and this is what Rabbi Nachman said before passing away:
"What are you worried about I am going before you, just be together and I will be with you".  He makes everyone who recited his psalms (correctly) eligible to enter the land.

Rabbi Israel has already come, and by uniting with him, we reach a level of joy where the blemish of the brit no longer exists, as a result we all become united.  We unite with him when we say, Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman.  This unity will allow the nations which have become Israel to bring the bones to Mt Zion, the resting place of the Kings of Israel.

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