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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Every Jew needs a horse...

A horse and not a donkey....why?

If you ever owned either animal you will be able to understand exactly, and if you haven't then... you are not a real Breslev, I guess...

The Donkey "has a mind of it's own" and therefore appears intelligent as opposed to the horse.  The horse will obey his master and will not take initiatives.

Usually there is no need to yell at a horse until he obeys.  With a young donkey, you don't have too many options but to beat him thoroughly as well, and he will work against you at any time it glorifies him.  The donkey loves honors, also the horse.

The man that resembles a donley is the one who can never forget his personal interests, while the man who resembles the horse has no personal interests at all, he is completely interested in assisting his master.

Obviously donkeys will never know the will of Gd while the man that is like a horse certainly will!

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