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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

4 Hiddushim

Gd can do anything with infinite ease but one thing that by definition he cannot do:
Misourout nefesh or self sacrifice.
The human being on the other hand can hardly distinguish good from evil, right from left, his time is very limited and he is mostly like a wild animal.  For weak creatures like us everything comes with great difficulty and very slowly...but one thing we have in abundant supply:
Mesourout nefesh or self sacrifice.
So in the words of the President that I love... "a masterly deal can be made!"
Innovation is always the result of new trading possibilities.  Gd is the best trading partner you will ever find!

The world is being hoodwinked, Jews acting like Gentiles and Gentiles like Jews and everyone wants to claim they are Israel...what is really going on?
Noah didn't save the world as Gd wanted, but he did save his family.  Moses didn't just save his skin, he actually saved the world. 
So take a good look at yourselves to decide if you are a student of Noah or of Moses
Furthermore, Noah was commanded to multiply in the physical world while Moses was never promised to be numerous like the forefathers, his "job" was to LIGHT THE TORCH.
To multiply it is good to have money and good looking daughters of man, but to spread truth, you only need light.  and the shabbas is where the two lights become one... when Noah and Moses eat the sacrifice together. AND THERE WILL BE PEACE.

Rabbi Nachman says that sins turn to merits...ok HOW?
Sins are "darkness" and confusion, the pit from which there is no escape.  Merit is light, a path that leads to all good.  so the farther down into sin the person has fallen the greater light is needed to emerge.  Gd in his great mercy gives the most fallen souls the greatest treasures of light since only these can liberate them. These treasures are Hiddoushe Torah.
This is why a wise person knows to learn from every man and the fool doesn't learn much at all.

What does light have to to with the rail?
The light rail is more so than meets the eye! The first motion picture ever made was by the "Freres Lumieres"  it was about a train leaving Jerusalem. (Lumiere in French means light)
The Bridge of Chords also called Davids Harp Bridge in Hebrew sounds like Gesher ha Metarim which means also the bridge of those that get purified.  Purification means the stains or darkness falls away.
The Levites would purify and empower the Cohens by lifting them once, that is what the bridge does.
There is also another train bridge from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem... that is the one that the whole "motion picture" world is waiting for Rabbi Nachman to ARRIVE to Jerusalem on. (unless he comes of course on a lighter than air ...airship made by Ukrainian engineering!)

Could this "ALIA" (LIFTING/immigration to the Holy Land be the more elaborated and better "Ellis Island" experience...better than the Statue of Liberty of the Eiffel Tower?)

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