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Sunday, April 29, 2018

three, four or one crown?

Three crowns there are ...Torah, Priesthood, Kingship and the crown of a good name surpasses them all.  This is not a fourth crown?  SURE, but it is not one you are born into it is one you actually earn and all the crowns have no value without this one.

What does the Cohen have to do with Virgins?

What does the Cohen have to do with Virgins?
The Cohen needs virgins like the Jewish nation needs virgin land! Yes, when a Jew comes to Israel to a land that was vacant and desert for 2000 years it is virgin land and he is the first owner.  but to make his claim of divine right over a land that can never be sold or bought and must go from generation to generation, he needs to receive the land from a divinely elected Cohen and his Levites.  THUS the land of Israel needs to be conquered by cohens and levites and distributed to Israel,  and the Bankers better take their interests and go to some other planet.

Why does the brotherly sharing of the harvest come in the middle of the holiday schedule

Why does the brotherly sharing of the harvest come in the middle of the holiday schedule? what is the connection?
It seems that sharing the corners of the fields and the leftovers after the harvest have very little to do with the dates of the holidays, but there is a clear connection.  Brotherhood is the result of faith in Gd and cannot exist without it.  We are united through Gd and without him we are not.  Botherhood without Gd is exemplified by the French constitution, brotherhood with God by the American.  "Liberte, Legalite, Fraternite" (Liberty Justice Brotherhood)  the US: "One nation, indivisible, UNDER Gd with liberty and justice for all".
The petek was written on the very day Nelson defeated Napoleon.  It was not just because Napoeon wanted the Haitians to remain slaves, it was also because the King has his position by Divine Right and the Emperor who riped the crown out of the hands of the Roman Pope, does not have such a right.  Rabbi Nachman knew that if the divine right of Kings were to be abolished, then the notion of a living Gd that is involved with the affairs of man would no longer be.
Brotherhood through Na Nach can exist in spite of very varied points of view.  There is a common respect and search for truth.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

what it takes to get Rabbi Nachman here?>

likutey etsotes: (meniotes)

When the desire matches the preciousness of the goal, he can achieve every holy deed that he yearns for (Ibid.).

4 Hiddushim

Gd can do anything with infinite ease but one thing that by definition he cannot do:
Misourout nefesh or self sacrifice.
The human being on the other hand can hardly distinguish good from evil, right from left, his time is very limited and he is mostly like a wild animal.  For weak creatures like us everything comes with great difficulty and very slowly...but one thing we have in abundant supply:
Mesourout nefesh or self sacrifice.
So in the words of the President that I love... "a masterly deal can be made!"
Innovation is always the result of new trading possibilities.  Gd is the best trading partner you will ever find!

The world is being hoodwinked, Jews acting like Gentiles and Gentiles like Jews and everyone wants to claim they are Israel...what is really going on?
Noah didn't save the world as Gd wanted, but he did save his family.  Moses didn't just save his skin, he actually saved the world. 
So take a good look at yourselves to decide if you are a student of Noah or of Moses
Furthermore, Noah was commanded to multiply in the physical world while Moses was never promised to be numerous like the forefathers, his "job" was to LIGHT THE TORCH.
To multiply it is good to have money and good looking daughters of man, but to spread truth, you only need light.  and the shabbas is where the two lights become one... when Noah and Moses eat the sacrifice together. AND THERE WILL BE PEACE.

Rabbi Nachman says that sins turn to merits...ok HOW?
Sins are "darkness" and confusion, the pit from which there is no escape.  Merit is light, a path that leads to all good.  so the farther down into sin the person has fallen the greater light is needed to emerge.  Gd in his great mercy gives the most fallen souls the greatest treasures of light since only these can liberate them. These treasures are Hiddoushe Torah.
This is why a wise person knows to learn from every man and the fool doesn't learn much at all.

What does light have to to with the rail?
The light rail is more so than meets the eye! The first motion picture ever made was by the "Freres Lumieres"  it was about a train leaving Jerusalem. (Lumiere in French means light)
The Bridge of Chords also called Davids Harp Bridge in Hebrew sounds like Gesher ha Metarim which means also the bridge of those that get purified.  Purification means the stains or darkness falls away.
The Levites would purify and empower the Cohens by lifting them once, that is what the bridge does.
There is also another train bridge from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem... that is the one that the whole "motion picture" world is waiting for Rabbi Nachman to ARRIVE to Jerusalem on. (unless he comes of course on a lighter than air ...airship made by Ukrainian engineering!)

Could this "ALIA" (LIFTING/immigration to the Holy Land be the more elaborated and better "Ellis Island" experience...better than the Statue of Liberty of the Eiffel Tower?)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem

MMS to Minister of Energy, Prof. Steiniz, yesterday:
Shalom, it is time to sell Leviatan to the Ukraine. We want rabbi Nachman here by April 19th. They have the technology, and they will be religious and add a lot to our country in every way. Russia is the problem. We can save that country now and they will follow rabbi Nachman too and be greatful to us. The US will be in admiration of you. Invite Poroshenko to ho...
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After four years of war, Russia has at least 260,000 troops deployed along the Ukrainian border, in addition to another 35,000 troops in the Donbas and…

The power of the Priest to isolate the speaker of lashon hara!

What does it mean when a Cohen puts a person in Herem because he is contagious, (due to evil gossip), or they actually destroy his house (because it may or may not harbor wealth from the nation that abandoned the residence- but the value of the  land is not mentioned as relevant, in case the "FAMILY" decides to return as "ger toshav")?

The power of the Cohen is in fact derived from the King, since we chose to have a King like the nations around us.  If the King is good like David and recognizes the Tzaddik, unlike Korach (who did not recognize Moses), then the Cohens are for real.  Unfortunately if the King forgets the Tzaddik like Pharaoh of Egypt, then the Cohens become mere "magicians", this is what happens when we chose a King.

Jews were given their land by Gd and it cannot be sold.  In Egypt all the land belongs to Pharaoh except the land of the Priests, the land is distributed by the King and the State.  We are a nation of priests, but unfortunately the priests can be corrupted by a King that denies the Tzaddik (Moses before and now Saba).  Under such a King, the laws of purity become dysfunctional.

Knowing this situation, Rabbi Nachman prepared the Tikkun Haklali so that we could attach ourselves directly to the Tzaddik and purify ourselves even in the absence of our rightful Messiah. 

For those who really want to connect, the 9th psalm is not the right one, so you better learn to say the Petek by heart, because that will surely connect you and you might merit to know the correct Psalm #9, and your own 10 psalms!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Every Jew needs a horse...

A horse and not a donkey....why?

If you ever owned either animal you will be able to understand exactly, and if you haven't then... you are not a real Breslev, I guess...

The Donkey "has a mind of it's own" and therefore appears intelligent as opposed to the horse.  The horse will obey his master and will not take initiatives.

Usually there is no need to yell at a horse until he obeys.  With a young donkey, you don't have too many options but to beat him thoroughly as well, and he will work against you at any time it glorifies him.  The donkey loves honors, also the horse.

The man that resembles a donley is the one who can never forget his personal interests, while the man who resembles the horse has no personal interests at all, he is completely interested in assisting his master.

Obviously donkeys will never know the will of Gd while the man that is like a horse certainly will!

Another genius aspect of Esther

We already know that by saying three days (fasting)  she completed the nation of Israel AND the Jewish Priestly Kingdom AND the Shabbat Shalom... but what I didn't realize, ,,,is she also....


we were not about to do something the "goyim" had not done before us.

....saw in the nations a good point which would be the basis for imitation even at the low level we had fallen to... since we were already completely assimilated, we were not about to do something the "goyim" had not done before us.

The miracle of Ninve was something that could be repeated if Gd wanted to and of course that was his plan!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Mimouna tonight, "maza isha maza tov"

The Mimouna tonight, the subject is
"maza isha maza tov"
This means:
"found a wife found good"
Most people automatically think of the first woman, as the wife of Adam and she wasn't too good for him....Adam looked and looked and could not find.  Eventually Gd took a rib and so created his match.  Adam didn't find his wife and anyways, the female for Adam is Adama and it means earth, no wonder she was his SHadow (rib is the same in Hebrew).
The most famous "wife find" is Archaveroch who put his full efforts into this endeavor and was very successful.  He turns out a much bigger winner than Adam.
Just the way a man needs to put effort into finding Gd, he needs effort to find his wife.  first come first serve is not good in either case.  King Solomon, never found his wife, so it is not a question of wisdom, he married many famous queens, but his favorite did not remain with him.  For each queen he built a Palace and a temple, but to no avail.
Achachverosh had one Palace for all the women before (the act)  and all the women after and he married none of them except one.  Most of the women were not volunteers, they were recruits, chosen by his specialists.
Achachverosh was looking for the one, while Shlomo, out of fairness married them all, but could not keep on to the one he actually did chose.
The word Maza, is also the name of the bread of freedom.  The bread that does not have the time to rise.  The bread of our affliction that became the symbol of our freedom. 
A woman needs to be treated like Maza.  If you let her rise, everything is spoiled, no matter how many women you marry.  If you Maza her, she becomes good!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

If a magician can become a priest, can a priest become a magician?

By accepting Josef Pharaoh turned ALL his magicians into Priests of Egypt.
When he no longer knew Josef, they became Magicians again. (like the snake and the staff)

Unfortunately the same logic applies to the priests of Israel.  When they become priests of the Baal.
By refusing the Tzaddik Isod Haolam, they become Magicians.

The Brit and the land!

The Brit and the land!

The people of the Brit can acquire land from Gd, just as Kings have the DIVINE right to rule over land.  Adam the first man did not need circumcision as he was born circumcised, which is well since he was the guardian and the worker of the Garden of Eden.

The generations from Abraham who received the oath from Gd about the land, all had to be circumcised, not the slaves and not the children of the 40 years in the desert.  These children were being ruled by the spies and these "leaders" did not merit to enter the land of Israel.  These leaders also did not circumcise their children because they were jealous in spite of having reached a great level of Torah, they knew they themselves would not merit to enter the holy land and take possession of it, from the hand of Gd!  A real Jew is not jealous, since he is connected to the Tzaddik! Mordecai and Esther are our father and mother, who do we need to be jealous of or kneel to?

Joshua who was to enter the land, circumcised that whole generation, making them eligible to benefit from the oath given to them by the Lord of Hosts, from the time of Abraham.  There was no rebellion against Joshua all the days of his life, and this is what Rabbi Nachman said before passing away:
"What are you worried about I am going before you, just be together and I will be with you".  He makes everyone who recited his psalms (correctly) eligible to enter the land.

Rabbi Israel has already come, and by uniting with him, we reach a level of joy where the blemish of the brit no longer exists, as a result we all become united.  We unite with him when we say, Na Nach Nachma Nachman meuman.  This unity will allow the nations which have become Israel to bring the bones to Mt Zion, the resting place of the Kings of Israel.