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Monday, March 12, 2018

40 days left! 35 working days.

40 days left! 35 working days.  The day after is too late, birthday of Hifler!!
40 days, 40 years.  Time to do tchouva. Tchouva that we did not get close enough to the MAN Gd created the whole Universe for.  While we were building a Temple for Gd, he was scratching his head and wondering why we were not doing the obvious, what we had been created for., he himself created creation to serve the Tzaddik, why were we straying from the path?  It isn't that simple actually....
When Moses went to all of Israel, they saw his face and that gave them the strength to leave Egypt.  It probably killed the other 80%.  We were not yet Jews, the children of Mordecai and Esther, proclaiming the name of Gd being our "mission" as "Cohens".  No small wonder that the Egyptians  "magicians" became Cohens while they "knew" Josef.  No small wonder that after 40 days he covered his face, to prevent a total Genocide!

Seeing the Tzaddik is risky business., but the deadline has finally arrived.  You are either with Mordecai or with Haman.  Ninve repented in just 3 days not 40, let's see if Jews are that lucky.

Could Gd get all of Israel to say the Petek at least once over the next three days? It would be enough!!

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