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Monday, March 12, 2018

About giving a good smell to the JEWISH nation

One went under ground, like a worm... and what does the worm do?  One was from the water and traveled in the air.

David said, I am not a man but a worm.  A worm changes malodorous dead, waste material to fresh smelling humus, the basis of all vegetable life.  Before you can have a root, you need Humus, so you need the worm! 

The Tzaddik Isod Olam in the air and the Messiach on the ground.  Together, always!!

The Lion with his mouth on fire and the Water Buffalo floating above Moses.  we have earth, wind fire and water.  Let their be Peace!

40 days left! 35 working days.

40 days left! 35 working days.  The day after is too late, birthday of Hifler!!
40 days, 40 years.  Time to do tchouva. Tchouva that we did not get close enough to the MAN Gd created the whole Universe for.  While we were building a Temple for Gd, he was scratching his head and wondering why we were not doing the obvious, what we had been created for., he himself created creation to serve the Tzaddik, why were we straying from the path?  It isn't that simple actually....
When Moses went to all of Israel, they saw his face and that gave them the strength to leave Egypt.  It probably killed the other 80%.  We were not yet Jews, the children of Mordecai and Esther, proclaiming the name of Gd being our "mission" as "Cohens".  No small wonder that the Egyptians  "magicians" became Cohens while they "knew" Josef.  No small wonder that after 40 days he covered his face, to prevent a total Genocide!

Seeing the Tzaddik is risky business., but the deadline has finally arrived.  You are either with Mordecai or with Haman.  Ninve repented in just 3 days not 40, let's see if Jews are that lucky.

Could Gd get all of Israel to say the Petek at least once over the next three days? It would be enough!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Purim conversations

If Yom Kippour is like the Shabbat of Shabbats, then when is Purim (since Ki Pour  can literally mean because Purim)?  Shabbat is the greatest holiday, yet the day of Kippur is greater than that and Purim is so great that when the whole year becomes one big Shabat the holiday of Purim will remain the only holiday of the year.

The above is just common knowledge.

Where is the logical link to connect all these dots?

Shabbas which is peace, has two lights which are called one (the Shabbas candle, ner shabbat not nerot shabbat).  These two candles represent each three day fasts one by the inhabitants of Ninve, the other by the inhabitants of Shushan.  The two fasts combine to 6 days of fasting which has the value of the food eaten on the 7th day (you can choose any day you want).  Yom Kippur is also a fast day, and it can be considered like 7 to 12 days of fasting.  Purim follows the fast of Esther which was a three day fast (today only one day) and it concludes the the tribes of Jacob ceased being tribes and became Jews (or priests unto the nations).  Mordecai is the first Jew before that he was an "ish Yemini" a right hand man, meaning from the tribe of Benjamin, the wolfs the sword arm of Jacob.

Jews: 3 days not touching money (Egypt), 3 days not touching sex (Sinai), 3 days not touching food/drink (Shushan)
Non Jews: 3 days in the whale (populate the depths of the seas), 3 days to cross Ninve (build/ plant the universe), 3 days fast (like Jews the non Jews no longer eat like wild animals, also their animals no longer eat the flesh off living animals (legal exception: tribe of Benjamin).]

ON THE GREATNESS OF QUEEN ESTHER, and even greater greatness of Mordecai:

Moses understood what he was doing when he told Gd that we would fast for three days instead of 2.  Esther asking for a three day fast showed that MORDECAI had trained her to a level greater than Moshe!  This is why a Jew gets married, proof? the last word about MOrdecai is "Zaro" which means his descendents.... which he did not have (like Josef).  We are the descendents of Mordecai and the tribe of Josef our King is Messiach ben Josef.  Remember King David preceeds Mordecai therefore King David was not a Jew, he was the King of Yehuda and an Israeli!


Mor-dechai means teacher of the path.    In fact only a person who can be as dust and realize that in front of Gd he is nothing and is therefore trying at all costs to understand the will of Gd, only such a person can merit a teacher like Mordecai who himself is the "Path". The opposite is Ha-man (THE man).  Esther showed great loyality when she strictly followed the recommendation of Mordecai NOT to reveal who she was.  This is the reason the miracle could even take place.  Realize that it is extremely hard to hide your identity the way she did, and it goes against the logic and tradition  of proud and believing faithful from the family of Mordecai.