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Friday, February 16, 2018

Rabbi Shimon was the coachman of Rabbi Nachman

Rabbi Shimon the "driver" of Rabbi Nachman

Rabbi Shimon made Rabbi Nachman promise that he keep his job in the next world also
Rabbi SHimon forced Rabbi Nachman to stay in Ottoman Israel and not just make four steps south of Haifa and travel back to Ukraine (Russian Empire at the time).
Rabbi Shimon asked Rabbi Nachman to stay alive another two years.  Rabbi Nachman said this would only be possible if he succeeded in destroying both copies of the "burnt book".
Rabbi SHimon didn't spen one single Rosh Hashana by the grave of Rabbi Nachman he immediately traveled to Israel after Rabbi Nachman passed away.
Rabbi Shimon was mistakenly buried next to the Ari in Sfat, by mistake.

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