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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Why Rabbi Nachman needs to come before Messiah

The bones of Josef had to leave Egypt or the nation of Israel would be caught and stopped at the sea of reeds.  Also the grave of Judah needed to be there.  Juda was not leaving before the bones of Benjamin were going back to Jacob, therefore he also had to worry about getting the bones of Josef out.

It is very possible that the Lubavitcher is not breaking the Halacha by requesting he remain in New York, because if he considers himself to be like Messiah ben David, like Juda, then he cannot accept to leave before Rabbi Nachman is brought to Mt Zion.  As everyone knows Rabbi Nachman the author of the "Tikkun Haklali" is the closest we have to the leader of the tribe of Josef.

Any REGULAR Jew who requests his bones stay in a foreign land is breaking the Halacha and his bones are brought to Israel if possible anyways.  Maybe, Rabbi Nachman first applies for more than the Rebbe of Lubavitch.

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