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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Why is Judah King?

Why is Judah King?

The man went out with hookers (his own daughter in law which he did not recognize), his sons were less than worthless, He ate a meal over the body of his murdered brother (and probably unburied the loot, and took it), they sold their brother as a slave and he was bought by the highest court of Egypt (probably with the loot from Schechem), he lied repeatedly to his father about his brothers death and even brought false evidence.  [cardinal sins:  lust for sex, money, food +murder + slavery+ lying to dad + conspiracy against innocent saint].  You want this guy to be your King???


He would keep his word to his father and to himself....He promised he would bring Benjamin back and his word was good as opposed to the word of Ruven.  For this reason we speak of the mouth of the Lion and the water.  One is a statesman, the other a politician. The statements of a statesman are irrefutable,...GOLD!

The Nation among the 70 that came for Shimon Peres funeral in honor of Peace, that Nation will wear the mantle of Judah.  They will be keeping the oath Gd exacted from them towards Josef.  The Bull and the Lion will play together.

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