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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The light of the moon will be like the light of the sun!

"or ha levana keor ha chama"  the words used for moon here are not "Yareach" but "levana" for sun, not Chemesh, but "Chama".  It is obvious that Levana sounds like Lavan and Chama sounds like Cham.  These two biblical character represent geographical locations and character traits that are sins.

Lavan (ha Arami) to the North (where wealth comes from) is a dreamer, he dreams about large sums of money and idols.  His color is white like people that live in the dark, in the cold north.

Ham (ha kushy) to the South (where wisdom comes from) (King Salomon married a black wife and so did Moses).  His color is a sun baked brown, he is usually poor but quite hot, when it comes sexual lust.

On the other hand Saba says that the Shemesh is a cure for all diseases (the sun using a different word 'shemesh' instead of Chama) he says the Shemesh is Na Nach!!

Shin Mem is the word SHEM which means Name.  Shin is a letter that represents Shadai (the word that cannot be pronounced, the most powerful name of Gd).

the three lusts are:  Money, Sex and Gluttony

Laban was given a border not to cross to our North.  Esav a border to our East.  Cham a border to our South.  Amalek we are to eradicate completely from generation to generation til the last generation.

The moon is safe if she stays way up there to the North (in the sky)...the Chama also far away from us at the other end of the sky.   This is like Lavan and Cham.

What about gluttony the third lust?

Saba says..."they work, they eat they crap" like goyim, they are donkleys, happy am I to be Jewish, not to be a goy.  Abraham Isaac and Jacob gave us the Torah, (and I point out, he does not mention Moses is he stupid? no, not at all...he just knows his public).  A Goy is by his definition a person who has no interest in the will of Gd.  ANY RELIGIOUS PERSON DOES NOT FIT THIS DEFINITION.

Furthermore... he mentions happy are we that we thank Gd over food, and pray!!!  Yet Rabbi Nachman says "messiah will be very strict about one thing only....washing the hands before bread!"

This means that walking to Israel and washing before eating bread are just as significant as the ritual words of worship!!!!  But it will take Messiah to explain this.

The earth on which we stand is where the third lust (gluttony) needs to be dealt with.  Shabbas is the cure for that!  the two lights are 3 days of fast by the sons of Jacob and three days of fast by the sons of Rachel (Benjamin is a son of Jacob).  Any food eaten on the 7th day, any 7th day in the name of Gd after washing hands is holy holy holy (like six fast days) happy are we indeed!

So when the Messiah will come and we will all experience this shabbas, the lusts will all be as far away from us as the sun and the moon and here not a trace of Amalek will be left on the planet!!!!!

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