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Monday, January 29, 2018

fighting Amalek: who, how, why? Why is Adam different?

When we crossed the Sea of Reeds and Pharoh's army drowned, all of creation started to sing the praises of Gd.  As a result Gd finally SAT on his throne instead of standing next to it. Then... Amalek survived an attack on the Nation of Israel and even on Gd since Gd himself will fight him from generation to generation.

Stop a moment,. this makes no sense, the creator can obviously destroy one of his creations.

Since Gd vs Amalek is not a fair fight, he is not to fight him directly and win.  Same applies to Israel, we really are holy holy holy because Gd changed us, as another act of creation so we are not allowed to wipe out Amalek.  Since the Amalekite attack on Gd was the first after the crossing of the Sea, the first endorsement of Gd should also be considered and it came from no one else then Yitro the father of the Druze. If we had not spoken lashon hara against his daughter he would have led us to victory ionto Israel.  When the first settlers came to "Palestine" the Druzes were of great assistance to us.  THEY and only THEY are destined to obliterate Amalek.

Are we to obliterate him here on earth? No only under the sky... so he can go very high and escape the Druzies.  Up there in the Gal-lactic Milky way... Rachel takes over and like Yael destroys Sisero, she destroys him, the pervert.  Virgin Airline anyone?

Adam the first man was delighted helping Gd to create.  In fact he was so satisfied that he didn't need or want a partner... then Gd solved the problem by taking out a piece of Adam and with this he formed him his partner.  Thus Gd decided that it was not good for man to be alone, and thus he solved the problem.

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