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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Am I really that different from a blade of grass?

No, but yes.  In the words of wise King Solomon, "nothing new all is vanity".  King Solomon is a creation and so am I.  Look at your computer screen for proof, it's all a numbers game anyways??? It may look like an elephant of a whale or a rock star, but it is really just a bunch of numbers.

Well folks, to my regret, there is ONE thing that makes a difference, and King Solomon knew it would be many long years into the future before this would ever be revealed along with the 10th song.  


Before the Torah: Pakod Pakodeti.

Gd has given us the order to become creative again the same way Adam was before he was cursed to a lower level than the animals (who can eat without "salting" for it).

Gd wants to make us his partners in creation again.

Like the Brit being the completion of the individual... the brit from above is the conclusion of mankind and we can CREATE this ourselves!

This is new, new under the sun and not vanity!!!

Guess what the promise is?

Bring the bones to Mt Zion because then we will hear the word of Gd coming from Jerusalem again!!!

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