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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The baby born to Zalman and Israel

While it seems Israel Ber made creation of the Sky and the earth and connected the broken heart of the Torah,  He also opened between the Nouns or 50s or Kings, the birth of the 6th book, which he calls their son Ebay Ha Nachal.  Ibay is the child of Nachman and Zalman!

messiah time

It says something like, "The son of David won't come until there is no more shekel in the shook".  That time has come since last week, the Israeli 20,- Nis appeared and the sandglass has been turned on all the older Israeli bills.  As my readers know,; all the people on the bills made the book Ebay Ha Nachal with the letters of Odesser (10).  This means that the SHekel is disappearing fast.