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Monday, November 20, 2017

Sheker is going to fall, hurray

Rabbenu is the top of the top and as people slowly come closer to the truth they will realize that what I just said is true.  No matter where they are coming from they will meet together at the summit.

Jacob started the practice of the tith, his "son" diligently followed.  How can a man who has just given everything he has including his cloths to stay alive under attack by 'the father of idol worship'(I chose this title), still find olive oil to put on  a stone as a sacrifice?

The Hebrew word SHEMEN is like SHEM "N" which means name Noun or L which is 50 and is King and is connected to NachmaN NataN NachshoN Yehoshua bin NuN NelsoN and NapoleoN or more precisely Nachamou Nachamou, Halacha ke Nachman Nachman Nachmani.

Just like the letter came down on Mt Sinai with the two tablets and disappeared for future use,  the name Nachman was used by Jacob as the direction to send all tiths.  Josef had ten blemishes on his figer tips but he was a prelude to Rabbi Nachman (LM Tanyana 67 last lines).  Josef was so  holy that the whole priesthood of Egypt existed solely through his merit, otherwise they were magicians and sorcerers.

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