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Monday, November 27, 2017

Letter to Prime MInister Grosman

To the Honorable Prime Minister of the Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Grosman,

I have been requested by Israeli colegues to write a few words to you on behalf of the effort to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel from his temporary resting place in Ukraine.

This is an issue that will fester on the collective conscience of your country ever since your founding President Leonid Kravchuk made his Promise to President Hertzog.

If this promise has not been kept, I am more than willing to put the blame on Ivan the Trerrible to your north.  I cannot begin to describe the series of wonderful events that will benefit the Ukraine for taking the initiative instead of passively being obligatede to endure it.  What an eternal shameful loss!!

Welcome back to the world of the free and the brave, this is your test.  Do not be a disciple of Pharaoh who did not know Josef.  All his priests returned to the status of Magicians like before Josef came to Egypt.  Oh how very real this situation has become for the Ukraine.

There have beennumerous scholarly works on the highest level and with real revolutionary significance that can absolutely powerfully bring the world back to Peace, Freedome and Justice for ALL. 

No joke, Ukraine is the first in line to benifit from this if you open your eyes and listen with your heart.

Every school in Ukraine could proudly be stuydying the works of their local genius in all fields of wisdom (already at the tender age of 38).  The Rambam cant even compare to Rabbi Nachman...this you need to find out more about.

The Rambam is an excellent example because he was loved by everyone, Jews, Crusaders and Jihadists.  Rabbi Nachman can and will bring Peace and Prosperity.
Rabbi Nachman is not against any religion, he is against the non belief in Gd!  Only people that believe in Gd have a chance at understanding the truth in all fields.

Ukraine is a deeply religious country and that is a very good thing.  I am Jewish and like Rabbi Nachman, I prefer an anti-semitic religious leader to a secular atheist leader.  It means nothing for a Jew to die to honor Gd, but to be mislead into sin is a real loss.

Thank the Lord, you can now suggest to His Holiness the Metropolitain of Kiev, Onuphrius or Orest Volodymyrovych Berezovsky he conduct the ceremony in Ukrainian (with taste, not too many crosses as this will insult Muslims and Jews) to honor the fact that your nation is proud of its great son, Rabbi Nachman.  The Metropolitan can and should ask funding and participation in this ceremony from Sultans, Kings and royal families.  He will be heard and will make Mt Zion Royal territorry for all faiths in the pursuit of Peace. 

The Ukraine will be able to reboot it's economy by printing a special currency which is the sole currency used to visit and purchase good near the grave of Rabbi Nachman, King David and in the last supper room. 

The currency printed in Ukraine and distributed to legitimate Royal families.  Think of how this could help desperate places like Venezuela!


Mordecai Spiro

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