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Monday, October 30, 2017

Kar Don er! Is the Father of Rabbi Nachman and our Grandfather

I was in shock when I realized that without Rav Korduner, Saba would not have become a Breslever and learned eventually that he was Rabbi Nachman and he even was THE King.  That is very serious to be the person that allows Rabbi Nachman to fulfill his promise "I am going before you".  No coincidence that Rav Israel's father was blind or that Rav Karduner cried in Meron fountains of tears, like Rachel whose yortzeit follows his.

Rav Karduner lost all his children, because like he united Nachman into one, he will eventually unite the Na Nachs into one and because there will be one school for the Na Nach children they will not be lost to Na Nach and they will become HIS children.  The Na Nach school should be called the Karduner Talmud Torah.  These children will have been born from his tears, like the children of Rachel which are so special and certainly not WOLVES, following Roman Pagan law, the law of the strength of the right arm and the sword (Romach).

Likutey Moharan tanyana 67 last line:  Josef is born from Rachels tears.  She is his mother and has no father.... Benjamin has a father but no mother...Rav Karduner is the father of all Na Nach, and also the one who allows the rebirth of Rabbi Nachman and the creation of the King.  He does this like she does, with his tears.  We are the "Rachelim" the tribe of Josef the grandchildren of Rachel and Karduner.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Campaign to Bring Rabbi Nachman by making a movie

This trailer is by my son who will also be producing this movie. It will be sent to Royals as an open letter to have the bones of Rabbi Nachman…

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

entrance fee to Rabbi Nachman $100,- a day!

press here to see how they are intending to skin you even closer next year and even sooner than that.

Why is there nothing new under the sun? SIMPLE:

When there is sun, and no clouds (of glory) there is desert and no trees (exile) it is usually because of hate.  As long as there is hate what is there that is of value.  In the end all you can do as a man is serve Gd! Hope you can enjoy Kohelet better now.  When you say Na Nach, everything is new at once!

Since we are all holy holy holy Tzaddikim, the only thing that can defeat us is sadness and strife.. which is the tool from Babylon in the hands of Satan (sadist).

Promises broken bring evil beasts to the world which are worse than Canaanites (who offer child sacrifices).  The promise broken is when we do not bring the son of Rachel to the land of his mother.  The promise broken is when we refuse to give the warwolf of Rome the cure that can make him happy instead of a miserable breaker of the first command of Gd to man... not to eat flesh from a living animal.  No more sale of holy land and no more enslavement of the masses.

No we didn't bring Josef out, only Moses, Joshua and Serach did that... not us. check this out you learned it wrong (like many other things).  The 70 nations that came for President Peres, they will bring the remains to Jerusalem and fulfill the promise, or they will all be sent into exile themselves like the brothers were.

Please Gd, hear my prayer and allow the best people to have access to my message and understand the new film I will be producing with the help of Gd!