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Thursday, August 10, 2017


I read the article "WHAT ARE TRUMP'S NEXT STEPS TO HELP FORGE PEACE?  " by "JPost editorial" with great interest.  It makes the current status of the "Peace Process" imminently clear.  The President wants it, but he can't get it.  I believe Mr. Kushner is begging for a practical suggestion, and the author gives one, but he leaves out an extremely pertinent point, one that only enforces the good ideas he has, with an aspect of novelty that is still missing without it.

No matter how you slice it, a Secular Peace is IMPOSSIBLE, contact Rabbi Michael Melchior if you need convincing and details.

For a Religious Peace, I know the Rabbi Melchior will not be able to help you, unfortunately.  

This is where I have to come in.  I am serving as a member and volunteer at the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry where for six years I am pestering them with the virtue of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  I have written letters to their Royal Majesties King of Saud, the King of Morocco, Prince Charles, got a response from Prime Minister of Canada, Most Honorable Stephen Harper.    I strongly believe that Jerusalem is the heritage of all nations that have inherited this earth from Gd, and King David the father of all Monarchs.  It would be good to signal to the King of Jordan that although he certainly has a claim to Mt Zion he has no claim to Temple Mount with is a strictly Jewish heritage site, the same way as Mecca is strictly Muslim and Rome is strictly Catholic.

For the Palestinians to accept this situation including to fact that they are mostly ancient Hebrews themselves, requires serious documentation and very convincing arguments.  Religions although they have been misused as tools in every case, have also an element of truth that keeps them alive.  This element of truth remains hidden and misunderstood by the very large majority, even within the religious communities themselves.

The elite and the Peacemakers do need to get the right information on time, which is why I want to write an editorial through your publication, which I believe they do read.

During one of our four WFOMJ meetings with the PA, I was asked to draft my suggestion for them, not so difficult, very simple. 

 "Before Josef, there are no priests in Egypt, after Josef their are no priests in Egypt, during the time when Josef was recognized by Pharaoh, there are no Magicians in Egypt, only priests!"  
with the Iranians I would also have something to say: 
"the 12th Imam is Rabbi Nachman who was 'born again' from a well in Tiberias around 1880" That is why their country is called Iran (I RAN or I ran (the trip from Uman to Odessa (ber Israel) is 354 Km (na Nach Nachma Nachman) the man was born in a well (ber)).  
Without the religious and cultural connection, the current doesn't run through, the device cannot function.

The media has a huge role to play because they are the ones that educate the public.  The Elite, need to do the talking for the message to be read.  Instead of fighting each other you need to work together on this.  

I would be glad to answer all of your questions, most of which are already answered on Facebook "Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem".


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