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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ukraine's Ambassador to NATO Vadym Prystaiko

Attn.:  Ukraine's Ambassador to NATO Vadym Prystaiko

First I am honored to congratulate you on your new appointment by President Poroshenko, I am pleased he made such a sound choice.

Now that NATO has  become a main concern for Ukrainians, and that NATO is no longer willing to allow Ukraine into its MAP program, the Rabbi Nachman issue come up once again.  In 1991 President Karvchuk took six ministers to Israel to meet with President Hertzog.  The meeting was followed up by a visit to the Ukraine by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Minister of Defence Mr. Ischak Rabin.  On the agenda was bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Israel, as you recall Ukraine had given up its nuclear capacity.

The entire Palestinian-Israeli Peace process is dependent on the Ukrainian bones of Rabbi Nachman. Peace, like communication is based on culture plus.. Pax Romana is based on the fighting arena. If the law of the wolf is desired, then there will be those that get eaten and those that eat others.  Obviously the Ukrainian people aspire to more than that Marxist ideal society. The cultural opportunity available today is based on the common religious works of all the religions, which can be studied with multidisciplinary academic rigour to be properly understood.

I would be happy to go into the details of the connection between peace and the bones of Rabbi Nachman, but it is enough at this stage to say that the gesture to make a high profile event around the reburial of Rabbi Nachman on Mt Zion, Jerusalem, will open many doors for the Ukraine and it is my hope that the Ukraine will jump at this opportunity to become (incredibly) first among the nations!

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