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Monday, July 10, 2017

The tchouva of Amalek through Pinchas?

Bilaam's prophesy:

It says in Hebrew that Amalek is the fist of the Goyim, but in the translation the word goyim does not appear, instead "those that approach Israel" appears in the Unkelos. (I am sure you all noticed that) (:

Moses didn't follow Gds orders to put the heads of the leaders on poles, and yet according to Reb. Nason of Breslev, he is the FIRST (chronological) leader of Israel.  

The is precisely way he earns the title of leader... through the act of his Talmid....Pinchas! 

According to me a person is no leader until he leaves behind a leader who can correct his errors and follow the given path better than he does himself.  This does not take away from the merit of the leader, it actually qualifies him as a leader (like who is he leading if he is a leader?).

Because Moses did not follow the word of Gd and Pinchas did, Moses became a leader!!!
Therefore the house of Ahron becomes the greater of the two houses, making the house of Moses a house of true leadership.

Thus also the house of Israel will only become the house of the Tzaddik Isod Olam when the 70 nations surpass them becoming the house of Jacob under Yehuda, Messiah ben David.
Only then will the fight against Amalek end, with Amalek doing tchouva.  

The alternative is the defeat of Amalek which will require returning to the situation of the tower of Babel with Humanity following the mitsvah of chasing the Rasha and Gd taking the side of the Rasha...  this could last very long and result in a return to Tohou vavohu.  I prefer the tchouva of Amalek to that, don't you?

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