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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rabbi Nachman was a man of Peace.

As we enter 9th of Av, most of Am Israel will be fasting.  You probably didn't know that this is a great event to promote PEACE.  Rabbi Nachman hints to this when he says that eating can give food to your enemies.

Rabbi Nachman fasted a lifetime.  18 weeks from Shabbas to Shabbas.  Thats chai, life!!
Rabbi Nachman said that simcha (happiness) is more important than that, but on 9th of AV we do the mitsvah by fasting instead of happiness.

How exactly does this bring peace?

First of Nations is Amalek, who we fight from generation to generation.  Yet in the translation (Unkelos for Bilaams 4th prophesy) the word goy (nation) does not appear, we have "approaching" Israel of 'fighting' Israel, but not the word Goy.

In Ninve out of fear of Gd and the word of Yona EVERYONE fasted three straight days and nights.

In Shushan, much later, the Jews fasted to save the life of Esther (and their own) for when she would appear before the KING.  These 6 days of fast are when Gd CHANGED THE NATURE OF MAN.

We no longer eat the way we did before, not even AMALEK which can mean the "people that lick their own blood like dogs".  It is fair to say according to the above, that the real Amalekite has ceased to exist.

It is AMAZING when you notice that there are those today that celebrate Shabbas before and after Saturday.  Some will say that they work on these days and do not rest... I will answer that that is not the main "honor" of Shabbas.... EATING is the main honor of Shabbas and they make a special effort here.

I can even get poetic and say that there are 8 lights lit during the week if you take into account that two are lit on Shabbas.  These two lights never get into a fight over who is 7th and who is 8th,  The two lights consider themselves one single light.

Of course if the Jews were chosen to be priests they necessarily need a group to represent, or they cannot be priests.  Likewise a group with no priest is no longer a group, not even a hord.

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