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Sunday, July 2, 2017

bechokotecha the cow, the hyssop, the cedar and the worm...

Also the sticks (moses), the Cow (Miriam) and the worm (ahron)

Let's not forget: the brass snakes that would hiss instead of speaking lachon hara.

Why does it say Bechoukotecha twice before we read the Shema?
Also why do we read the shema before we die?

Does not the worm attack both the tall cedar and the short hyssop?

The Sheni can even attack stones using a toothless mouth!

What if Aharon had spoken to the stone?

To bring Rabbi Nachman here, we don't need shovels as Mr Barak asked for and got...  We need prayer!

More specifically every Jew needs to rejoice no matter what, because this very rejoicing will unite us.

As Rabbi Nachman said:
"What are you worried about, I am going before you? ahh but just be united and I will be with you"  Saba is here, but only by being united will we merit for the 70 nations to bring the bones here.  Without being happy, we will surely not unite.

Happiness can end lashon Hara... saying Na Nach as much as possible can do this.

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