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Monday, July 31, 2017

Rabbi Nachman was a man of Peace.

As we enter 9th of Av, most of Am Israel will be fasting.  You probably didn't know that this is a great event to promote PEACE.  Rabbi Nachman hints to this when he says that eating can give food to your enemies.

Rabbi Nachman fasted a lifetime.  18 weeks from Shabbas to Shabbas.  Thats chai, life!!
Rabbi Nachman said that simcha (happiness) is more important than that, but on 9th of AV we do the mitsvah by fasting instead of happiness.

How exactly does this bring peace?

First of Nations is Amalek, who we fight from generation to generation.  Yet in the translation (Unkelos for Bilaams 4th prophesy) the word goy (nation) does not appear, we have "approaching" Israel of 'fighting' Israel, but not the word Goy.

In Ninve out of fear of Gd and the word of Yona EVERYONE fasted three straight days and nights.

In Shushan, much later, the Jews fasted to save the life of Esther (and their own) for when she would appear before the KING.  These 6 days of fast are when Gd CHANGED THE NATURE OF MAN.

We no longer eat the way we did before, not even AMALEK which can mean the "people that lick their own blood like dogs".  It is fair to say according to the above, that the real Amalekite has ceased to exist.

It is AMAZING when you notice that there are those today that celebrate Shabbas before and after Saturday.  Some will say that they work on these days and do not rest... I will answer that that is not the main "honor" of Shabbas.... EATING is the main honor of Shabbas and they make a special effort here.

I can even get poetic and say that there are 8 lights lit during the week if you take into account that two are lit on Shabbas.  These two lights never get into a fight over who is 7th and who is 8th,  The two lights consider themselves one single light.

Of course if the Jews were chosen to be priests they necessarily need a group to represent, or they cannot be priests.  Likewise a group with no priest is no longer a group, not even a hord.

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Na Nach Peace Initiative (edited)

Monday, July 24, 2017
The Na Nach Peace Initiative
With the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the use of Chemical weapons of mass destruction by Assad in Syria and probably by the Chechen authorities, the Iranian, North Korean and Venezuelan hot spots are boiling over.  Crime pays for the moment.
Under these circumstances it is hard to understand how violence can be contained through greater violence.  Containment is no longer an option. We have seen that the malignant cancer must be removed. How?
I have made several discoveries while researching the "petek" which do show a clear path out of the quagmire we are in.  These discoveries I categorize into four pillars or foundations.
People believe their can be no logic where faith is involved.  They could not be farther from the truth.  Because Gd keeps his word, logic exists.  It is thanks to this logic that Gd can be understood, and problems solved.

1) The old testament is the basis for all religious books and it is valid as a reference even though it has never been fully understood by anyone until this day (except maybe by the author himself).
2) Gd is absolutely adverse to the enslavement of humanity although he allows this as a form of punishment under certain circumstances.
3) There are some principals and techniques which are so powerful that they can bridge all cultural barriers. Here is the emphasis of this report.
4) As long as there is life, hope is also present and this resource must be conscientiously exploited like other resources from extraction to production, distribution and consumption.
1) The old testament is the basis for all religious books and it is valid as a reference even though it has never been fully understood by anyone until this day (except maybe by the author himself).
The PETEK is formed of 17s. There are 51 words = 3x 17.  There are three number 17 s in it two on the 4th line and one on the 11th.  There are a total of ten lines and in the middle a word that constitutes of seven letters.  The note is 10 by 7 in size. This is very significant because Josef was 17 when he was sold into slavery, 35 when he appeared before Pharaoh and his father lived with him in Egypt 17 years.  Moses is also referred to as "tov" or "good" when he is born and that in Hebrew spell 17 and has that value (at birth and at reception by Pharaoh's daughter).  The two are "related" because Josef unusually was buried in the water from which Moses was born and so was Joshua, the two people that carried Josefs' bones.  It is Joshua and NOT the sons of Moses who succeeds Moses, neither Joshua nor Josef were Levites but all three did serve in the house of Pharaoh!
Very relevant to the current situation is the "drought" that took place in Egypt.  The key was Josef, only he could bring wealth.  I have explained to some gentlemen of the Palestinian Authority that the only difference between an Egyptian magician and a priest in the time of Pharaoh was whether he knew Josef or not.  Before and after they are referred to as Magicians, while during the time that Pharaoh knew Josef they are called priests.
The Petek is like Josef in every way,  all the people on the Shekel banknotes made a book with the letters of the person who found the petek, his name is Odesser which means ten, so all the Israeli money (coin included) is Petek based.  At that time, before the banknotes were altered, we rapidly had the best economy in the world in spite of the Gush Katif disaster, and we found Oil and Gas in Israel.  Changing the banknotes and even mentioning of a plan to change the banknotes led to huge losses for the Israeli Government.
There are more examples of the old testament references being useful to understand current events, but the principle has been established through these examples and the reader is at liberty to observe this type of phenomenon over and over again as of now.
The old testament is the basis of all religious books, however it does not negate or abolish the others... to name the Shiite as an example:  the 12th Imam or Maddi, that comes out of a well and makes the world return to Gd, is absolutely true.  Rabbi Odesser was born in a well in Tiberias and he said before his death that he IS Rabbi Nachman.  I Ran means I am Rabbi Nachman in religious short form.  I ran also means "I ran (running)" and the trip from Uman to Odessa then through the sea to the well in Israel is spelled out in the name:
Meuman (from Uman) Nachman Nachma Nach Na (354 Km) Odesser Ber Israel (Ebay Ha Nachal (the source of overflowing wisdom (rabbi Nachman)) also spells out "in the land of Israel".  So we have no problem communicating with the Iranians, but their Maddi is Jewish so communication is highly relevant as I am sure we have much to learn from them as well.
2) Gd is absolutely adverse to the enslavement of humanity although he allows this as a form of punishment under certain circumstances.
The sale of Josef as a slave has a direct relation to his being the source of all wealth and his being misunderstood results in grave consequences.  The body more or less depends on the head for its nourishment, because the head is where the mouth is.  The head has many other vital functions which are irreplaceable and without which survival for one minute  would be impossible.  However the feeding or wealth issue is by far the most "popular" issue that occupies most people's time.  The pursuit of a livelihood has been used as an excuse to enslave other human beings, over and over again throughout history.
1820 is the date of the Missouri Compromise where slavery was preserved as an institution in the USA.  This stupid law led to the American Civil War and to the creation of the Greyback and Greenback Dollars.  The Number 1820 appears 27 times in the old testament here are 4 examples:  The total number of times the name YKVK appears : 1820 - ; the sum of all the numbers between the gematria of YKVK and ELOKIM (God) 26 + 27 + 28 .....+ 65 = 1820 -; the gematria of the two sons of Moses and of the two surviving sons of Aharon etc... another 23 examples all related to the name of Gd and 1820.
The currencies on which dictators that encourage slavery appear are a curse to their economies.  Because Gold is not a value, Freedom is one, Libertine is not a value,  self discipline and community service is value.  Logic that avoids Gd has avoided the truth upon which everything depends for its existence.  This type of logic will always become destructive, Gd hates slavery of the innocent.  We are ALL his children, some of us are HIS slaves others are merely his subjects.  The priests are his volunteer slaves.  Gd  is jealous, and the dictators he uses as tools since they don't have  their own will anyways (they sell themselves out as do their followers in general).
Regarding the Greenback and the Trillions of Dollars in debt, I would stop worrying about it.  As I explained above, the values associated with the Greenback are the same as those associated with the struggle for freedom under Gd.  The Greyback (it's opposite, had black slaves and topless women on it.  The Men on the Greenback are still with us, as are their values and this currency has not been surpassed by the Israeli Shekel (since the Netanyahu Government took off Zalman Shazar and Shai Agnon, the Minister of the Treasury informed me the decision was made at the BIS and not at the BOI).  As long as the Government of the US upholds the Constitution the Dollar under it's jurisdiction will be safe.
3) There are some principals and techniques which are so powerful that they can bridge all cultural barriers. Here is the emphasis of this report
 Even though his followers were extremely few in numbers until the last decadeRabbi Nachman is known by everyone to have said many amazing things which caught on and have been blended into the Israeli and Jewish cultures, and this.  His most famous saying, is not based on any previous writing and it goes against the mainstream halacha:  "THE BIG mitsvah is to ALWAYS be Happy".  This, in spite of common knowledge that all mitsvahs have the same value or that in this world we have no way of judging the difference between any of them.  This is not just another saying, it is the key to unlocking all the mysteries of the redemption.
Here is how this works:  The predecessors of Rabbi Nachman could not produce or even imagine the silver trumpet of the redemption.  They believed that they were of the tribe of Juda or Levy (with the possible exception of the hassids that came after the Baal Shem Tov).  Where in the old testament is there a precedent for this silver trumpet that will be as Rabbi Nachman often writes "blown on the day of our celebration and happiness"?   We do not blow such trumpets on our weddings (although many Levites possess modern silver trumpets).  Because of the lack of understanding concerning the silver trumpet, which is the main tool of Messiah, nothing could be done to protect the nation or move it forward.  We remained stagnant for a good 3600 years. I happen to know exactly what the silver trumpet is and I will reveal this in this paper.  With the knowledge of what this silver trumpet is, you will be able to understand Torah better than previous generations, including why Rabbi Nachman was able to separate one mitsvah from all the others.  Because Jacob fooled Isaac, he was fooled by Rachel.  Because Rachel fooled Jacob, she was fooled by Benjamin.  Josef prepared the solution by blessing Benjamin and making him his student and his son... but non-the-less.  the real solution could not happen before the birth of Rabbi Nachman.
I hope to have raised questions in your mind, so you will appreciate the usefulness and validity of this writing.
The silver trumpets in the old testament are the ones made by Moses himself, and blown by the priests only (Cohens, not Levites).  After these Cohens had blown the trumpets, Moses would ORDER God to get up and chase our enemies from before us, and the LORD would surround the 12 tribes making us absolutely invincible.  The hidden sixth book of the Torah to be revealed only during the redemption then appears in two short lines surrounded by two "noun" letters, one regular and one inverted (like quotations).
The Trumpet is revealed today through a letter Rabbi Nachman wrote on the day of the battle of Trafalgar where NelsoN defeated NapoleoN on the Jewish calendar date of 6655287(53) this was revealed to me on the 5th day of Hannukka (53) the day a boy was born in the Hannukka family named after his grandfather that had died a month earlier, the grandmother explained that this was the darkest and happiest day of the year.  In my opinion 9th of Av the day the Messiach comes down from the North is also along those lines.  The above number happens to be my telephone number, but no, I am not the Messiach, although I did come from Norway looking for a letter written by the hand of God with a 17 on it (see above).  History buffs will tell you that had it not been for Trafalgar, Napoleon would have defeated England and consolidated his control over the planet.  I hope Admiral Nelson is studying at Rabbi Nachmans table up there, because he owes him one.
Have you ever wondered why Rome who were given wolf milk at their birth became so powerful that all human law is now based on Roman law?  Roman law is based on land and power, much like the law of the wolf.  Benjamin is also a wolf while Rachel is a sheep.  Nachman comes from consolation "Nachamo" while the wolf howls fill the sky and a ferocious wolf will die of sadness within an hour after it's mate dies.  Is it the fault of a wolf that he is a wolf, or a Roman that he is a werewolf?  But we now have a cure, maybe?
A second saying by Rabbi Nachman that also appears nowhere else in scriptures is "He who has sadness, he shall give a gift to the returning saint".  This completes the statement about THE BIG mitsvah, Happiness, and reveals THE TECHNIQUE.
He who has sadness: Anyone born gets spanked by the doctor and the air of this "sad world" enters him and he cries.
A gift: The offerings of the temple are called "gifts" in the morning prayers or "matana" in  Hebrew.  When the offering was accepted by a fire in the form of a lion or a wolf (dog) the bringer was informed that though his sins were Scarlett crimson he was now white as snow.
The returning saint:  There are two of those; first Josef and second Rabbi Nachman.  Both are born from the tears of Rachel, not from their fathers.
JOSEF: (Likutey Moharan Taniana 167 last line) The principal part of the birth of Josef who is like the Tzaddik if from 20 years of tears of Rachel.  Benjamin is not born from tears, he is rejected by Rachel, considered the right arm of Jacob (not something shared) he is a wolf not born from a lamb, he is called son of my sorrow which actually spell "average" while Josef means add me a "different" son, she calls him son of death to me (I consider this one the son of death- not my son) a wolf could also be considered this way, especially by a lamb.
Josef is buried in the Nile, but not before God asks him to make the 70 Hebrews formally swear to him that they would bring his bones out of Egypt.  Out of this Nile where strangely enough a Hebrew is buried, two other Hebrews are born.  Moses and Yehoshua ben Nun, the same two that grow up in the house of Pharaoh like Josef and that bring his bones to Israel.  Also involved are Serach daughter of Asher who lives well over 400 years to carry out the mission of burying the man that would have been her husband and not least the bones of Josef that come out on their own when Moses threatens he will leave without them (which would have resulted in the genocide of Israel at the Sea of Reeds).  Basically Josef is the first Tzaddik that returns and no one participates in carrying out his bones, he does this himself.
Rabbi Nachman is a similar story, he is the second Tzaddik, that comes back.
Rabbi Nachman on his death bed says to the students gathered around him:
"what are you worried about, I go before you, just strengthen yourselves together and I will be with you" .  Nice words but they make no sense, unless you realize that Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser who is Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman said about himself (around the age of 104 around 1993) that he himself is Rabbi Nachman (the one who died in 1810 at 37), here is the proof:
The 354 Km trip from Uman to Odessa is the gematria of Na Nach Nachma Nachman.  Leaving Uman directly for Odessa direct direction of Israel is 354 Km.  Uman Nachman Nachma Nach Na Odesser Ber (sea or well) Israel (Country or individual).  Tiberia, the location where the well Rabbi Israel Ber fell in a his birth, is found near the grave of Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Nass (a convert that is buried standing to be the first to get up when Messiah arrives, also the place where the hot waters are salty (since they come from the Mediterranean sea)).  Don't forget what is written above about Iran.  Rabbi Nachman is already in Israel, at Har Ha Menouchot, Jerusalem so the tribe of Josef, all those that have conquered all their worldly lusts are safe since the head of their tribe is with them already.
Who has conquered all wordily lusts?  In Egypt during the plague of darkness, which lasted three days, all members of Israel were requested to locate and take note of all the gold and diamonds of the Egyptians .... no one took anything for themselves!!!  That is not a natural occurrence, there are over 3 million people involved in this.  During the giving of the Torah at Mt Sinai, the Jews and Gentiles present abstained from intercourse for three days... we are including well over 3 million people, this also is not feasible according to the laws of statistics.  Again for three days both in Ninve and Shushan, all food and beverage were ignored for three days... even babies and old folk!  This is of course an alteration of the nature of the Humans that were present.  In Jewish tradition when something is done three times it is considered a permanent situation.  I summarize:  the three roots of lust have been removed by divine intervention from what were the 12 tribes.  When G-d turned the tribes into the tribe of Josef he turned the nations into the 12 tribes of Jacob and 70 soul-nations.  Jacob does not accept that Ephraim or Menashe become the sons of Josef, they like Benjamin are his.  In spite of all this the milk of Rachel will be provided by Rabbi Nachman to the desperate wolves of the world, not to kill them, but to save them.
Fasting Brings Peace; Useful insight into the definition of Shabbas:  The most important way to honor Shabbas (peace) is through food.  The food of Shabbas is worth 6 full days of fast It is very important that Rabbi Nachman fasted 18 weeks in a row from SHabbas to shabbas to figure this out and then he claimed that this was the one mistake he made in his life, since happiness is much more important than fasting. Since 18 means life or Chain in Hebrew, you can say Rabbi Nachman fasted for life, and therefore turned his life into PEACE. The three days fasting by the Gentiles and the three days of fasting by the Jews are like the two candles required for shabbas, #7 and #8.  No one claims to be greater or even claims its identity, in fact both for THE ONE shabbas candle, so will it be once the bones reach Jerusalem!!!
Did the tribes do anything special for God to alter them or can they claim to have altered themselves?  I don't think so.  Like the Levites, they were created for the priesthood, the priesthood for whom? well hopefully, not for themselves!
The way to UNITE and Bring Rabbi Nachman's bones to Jerusalem fulfilling the oath or Covenant from above (mouth instead of loin) is to utter the Phrase Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman which means "please rest in Peace Nachman from Uman" and as you know, RIP is what is written in every language of the world on their tombstones, same thing as what we say for Rabbi Nachman who  was buried a Ukrainian and a Russian citizen and subject of the Russian Empire.
The technique to bridge all cultural and religious barriers is to simply say "rest in Peace Nachman from Uman".  He removes all sadness that the person has ever had, and without sadness, a person has no fear, complete faith, complete love and divine providence, the result is we unite and the nations are able to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  This is the technique that brings peace and solves all the world problems.
4) As long as there is life, hope is also present and this resources must be conscientiously exploited like other resources from extraction to production, distribution and consumption
The second most universally accepted comment by Rabbi Nachman is that "despair does not exist".  I think that a person or any life form draws all its' vitality from the "hope" it has.  What follows is a tactical plan to reawaken a sleeping and aging world.

The main activity of the devil is to divide the forces of Good by placing saddness and doubt in their hearts.  The main activity of the individual or group working for Gd will be to encourage and unite people, through Music, well thought out jingles and tasteful dancing.  Frequent surveys on critical issues and forums with documentaries need to be abundant as well.  Mutual respect and scholarly debate is a must.
The economic issue which is also a means of communication needs to be studied with a completely new perspective.  The "creativity vrs slavery" thesis I learned from Rothschild seems rather good, and lead to a real revolution for the benefit of all creation.
Each person has a wealth of skills which others may possess to a lesser extent. Optimization of talent through division of labor is an old concept which need to be applied more efficiently.  Rabbi Israel would often say "there are no small ones and big ones only friends..."  You can find this concept again in the Petek in the word BIS and in Psalms 115 which is the full Hallel we read every day of Hannukka.  I could go and say no two nights of Hannukka are the same (each has a different count of candles) but each one is on the same level and all are necessary for the existance of the whole... This is not only the concept of Gaya it is also the foundation of the Temple.  Rabbi Nachman is the Tzaddik foundation of the World and now you understand why.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ukraine's Ambassador to NATO Vadym Prystaiko

Attn.:  Ukraine's Ambassador to NATO Vadym Prystaiko

First I am honored to congratulate you on your new appointment by President Poroshenko, I am pleased he made such a sound choice.

Now that NATO has  become a main concern for Ukrainians, and that NATO is no longer willing to allow Ukraine into its MAP program, the Rabbi Nachman issue come up once again.  In 1991 President Karvchuk took six ministers to Israel to meet with President Hertzog.  The meeting was followed up by a visit to the Ukraine by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Minister of Defence Mr. Ischak Rabin.  On the agenda was bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Israel, as you recall Ukraine had given up its nuclear capacity.

The entire Palestinian-Israeli Peace process is dependent on the Ukrainian bones of Rabbi Nachman. Peace, like communication is based on culture plus.. Pax Romana is based on the fighting arena. If the law of the wolf is desired, then there will be those that get eaten and those that eat others.  Obviously the Ukrainian people aspire to more than that Marxist ideal society. The cultural opportunity available today is based on the common religious works of all the religions, which can be studied with multidisciplinary academic rigour to be properly understood.

I would be happy to go into the details of the connection between peace and the bones of Rabbi Nachman, but it is enough at this stage to say that the gesture to make a high profile event around the reburial of Rabbi Nachman on Mt Zion, Jerusalem, will open many doors for the Ukraine and it is my hope that the Ukraine will jump at this opportunity to become (incredibly) first among the nations!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The tchouva of Amalek through Pinchas?

Bilaam's prophesy:

It says in Hebrew that Amalek is the fist of the Goyim, but in the translation the word goyim does not appear, instead "those that approach Israel" appears in the Unkelos. (I am sure you all noticed that) (:

Moses didn't follow Gds orders to put the heads of the leaders on poles, and yet according to Reb. Nason of Breslev, he is the FIRST (chronological) leader of Israel.  

The is precisely way he earns the title of leader... through the act of his Talmid....Pinchas! 

According to me a person is no leader until he leaves behind a leader who can correct his errors and follow the given path better than he does himself.  This does not take away from the merit of the leader, it actually qualifies him as a leader (like who is he leading if he is a leader?).

Because Moses did not follow the word of Gd and Pinchas did, Moses became a leader!!!
Therefore the house of Ahron becomes the greater of the two houses, making the house of Moses a house of true leadership.

Thus also the house of Israel will only become the house of the Tzaddik Isod Olam when the 70 nations surpass them becoming the house of Jacob under Yehuda, Messiah ben David.
Only then will the fight against Amalek end, with Amalek doing tchouva.  

The alternative is the defeat of Amalek which will require returning to the situation of the tower of Babel with Humanity following the mitsvah of chasing the Rasha and Gd taking the side of the Rasha...  this could last very long and result in a return to Tohou vavohu.  I prefer the tchouva of Amalek to that, don't you?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mr Henry Kissinger!

Mr Henri Kissinger,
If your voice is still being heard by President Trump and Jared Kushner among is time to make a gutsy move to bring real peace to this planet.
The Jewish people have been for a very long time, (since the first Purim) the tribe of Josef.  This is because we were unnaturally freed of all the three cardinal lusts (money, sex and gluttony) this happened during the three days of Darkness in Egypt, the three days at Mt Sinai and the three days in Shushan.
As the tribe of Josef, WE are not elligible to fulfill the promise not kept when we left Egypt.
The Promise "Pakod Pakodeti", bringing the bones out... was not fulfilled since Moses could not get any help finding the bones, which he ended up carrying alone, followed by Yehoshua, (only after his own death).  Both Moses and  Yehoshua came from the Nile where Josef was buried at the time and all three were from the house of Pharaoh.  Josef carried himself out.
The 70 people that made the promise to Josef are now the 70 gentile nations, and we have become the tribe of Josef.  The way they respected resident Peres, they will certainly participate in bringing the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.
REAL PEACE will immidiately follow.  I suggest you meet with prominent members of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry about this subject because they can organize the reception ceremony and all the technical aspects of this project.

bechokotecha the cow, the hyssop, the cedar and the worm...

Also the sticks (moses), the Cow (Miriam) and the worm (ahron)

Let's not forget: the brass snakes that would hiss instead of speaking lachon hara.

Why does it say Bechoukotecha twice before we read the Shema?
Also why do we read the shema before we die?

Does not the worm attack both the tall cedar and the short hyssop?

The Sheni can even attack stones using a toothless mouth!

What if Aharon had spoken to the stone?

To bring Rabbi Nachman here, we don't need shovels as Mr Barak asked for and got...  We need prayer!

More specifically every Jew needs to rejoice no matter what, because this very rejoicing will unite us.

As Rabbi Nachman said:
"What are you worried about, I am going before you? ahh but just be united and I will be with you"  Saba is here, but only by being united will we merit for the 70 nations to bring the bones here.  Without being happy, we will surely not unite.

Happiness can end lashon Hara... saying Na Nach as much as possible can do this.